3 Reasons To Read (and Watch) Sexy, Scottish ‘Outlander’

3 Reasons To Read Outlander Book #1 & Watch The Starz Series

I tuned into the Outlander Series on Starz without knowing much about it. I was intrigued by the promos airing months leading up to premiere. Well, saying I was hooked with Outlander after the first episode aired, it would be putting it mildly. All my TV and writing time just went out the window. All I wanted to know is how the heck Claire and Jaime were going to get out of the hands of Captain Black Jack?

After hearing that Outlander wouldn’t return for nearly 190 days I couldn’t do anything but quickly go to Barnes and Noble and purchase the first book in the series written by Diana Gabaldon. Like most books the descriptions and some of the events are translated differently from book to screen. So, here I just want to really focus on the book itself and why you might enjoy reading it.

Book Review

First, let me begin that the book is much more of a romance style genre then historical fiction as I had originally thought. If you have ever read Iris Johansen’s earlier books like Dark Rider, Storm Winds and The Wind Dancer they all encompass a healthy blend of romance and adventure, very much like Diana’s Outlander Series. There’s tons of sexy scenes and love making here. However, Diana’s style of writing is so descriptive that you really do feel like you are in her world. She reminds me a lot of Ann Rice as well.

3 Reasons To Pick Up Outlander Book #1

1. Time Travel: Umm do I need to say more? Okay a small overview of the book premise if you have been under a rock. Our main character Claire is on her second honeymoon with her husband after being apart for 7 years during the second world war. To rekindle their love they choose to go to Scotland where her husband is researching his ancestor line. When she comes across an enchanted rock formation that is known to be a magical by the locals, Claire somehow falls back into time to the 1700’s! And, here is where the magic starts…read the book!

2. Scotland: With all the news of Scotland possibly seceding from England, the Outlander TV show came at a perfect time to show the shaky history between these two nations. Diana does a wonderful job of creating a completely fictional world with loads of intriguing history, political drama, vengeance, and torture.

3. Love: At the heart of this story you get a love triangle of sorts, but you see it from the point of view from our main character Claire. There’s no YA romance here folks, it’s the real sexy kind! Not Fifty Shades of Grey kind of sex either. There’s actually a point to when Diana incorporates her love making scenes.

Have you read Outlander?
Are you watching the Outlander Starz Series?
Are you like me and picked up the book after watching the TV series?

Let me know! I want to talk Outlander all the time!

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