Zombies Beat Out Football! 5 Best Moments #TWD ‘No Sanctuary’ Premiere

5 Best Moments in The Walking Dead No Sanctuary Episode

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Wow is The Walking Dead back! The show racked in 17.3 million viewers on Sunday night. It beat out Sunday Night Football…does that register? Walkers totally beat out sports. That is just crazy, plus The Walking Dead is not on network TV either. TWD just keeps getting bigger and bigger each and every year.

So, now let’s turn to the amazing premiere rightly titled, “No Sanctuary”. This was one of the most satisfying episodes of The Walking Dead since the show’s first episode. We got some satisfactory pay back from our Grimes group, all because Carol is our biggest badass in the zombie apocalypse. Which brings me to the number one best moment of the premiere:

1. Rambo Carol Has Cojones

First, Carol putting zombie guts all over herself, like she’s freakin’ Rambo, is one of the best scenes on this show. Second, I was getting a little nervous when the bat-swinging Termite wheeled it towards Glen’s head until we heard an explosion, which Carol times perfectly to save our Grimes crew from being slaughtered like pigs. Thanks to Carol and her zombie gut covered cajones, manages to blow shit up. She walks right into Terminus ready to unleash her fire power on anyone who tries to stop her from saving the group.

Daryl and Carol Reunion on The Walking Dead
Carol finds Rick and Co. just outside, (all cleaned up mind you, because she’s that badass), for the best reunion ever! Did you see Daryl and his double hug? It still brings tears to my eyes. Hold on tight guys I want to keep that image in my mind for a long while. I’m not being creppy! Ahaa Haa Haa!


2. Rick’s Judgement Day

“Cross any of these people, you kill them, don’t hesitate,” Rick says about the Termites. Rick has definitely shed his former farmer self and is now a survivalist. He doesn’t think the people of Terminus deserve to live for their horrendous crimes they’ve committed against humanity. But is Rick’s group any different? Is that what we are to learn from last season, how far gone is gone before there’s no coming back? It seems this theme will still carry over. Rick with his blood lust for the Termites is rein in by Glen, our new moral compass, “We gotta let those people out. That’s still who we are—it’s gotta be.”

Side Note: We’ve lost every moral compass character on this show thus far – Dale, Hershel, does this mean Glen could be next?

3. Tyreese Taking Out Gum Chewing Douchebag

Can you imagine Carol returning from taking on Terminus and finding out that Tyreese couldn’t keep gum smacking college douchebag from killing Judith? I mean the woman just took on dozens of Termites to save the Grimes group with a little blood, guts, and one firecracker! Come on now!

Scott Gimple should get mad props for giving us the Tyreese we’ve been waiting for! He finally shakes off his no killing policy to smack down on a Tiger fan that chews gum in the apocalypse! Kudos to Chris Coy, the actor who plays Martin, because his gum smacking alone made our skin crawl.

But for the happiest TWD episode ever we get our second most rewarding reunion, Judith, Rick and Carl. The family is back together.

4. Morgan Is Back

Hope you all stuck around for the last frames because that was a great reveal. Morgan is back, looking healthy and ready to join a group. Do you have any theories on how he got healthy? And, what were those carved stars on the trunks of those trees?

5. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita

Is Eugene good or evil? Is he leading the group to another level of a shit storm with his “fire with fire” talk? His explanation is still not an explanation. There’s still something fishy about him. What about Abraham and Rosita’s cryptic conversation, “We’ll talk to them? Not just yet.” What do you think that’s about? Moving faster to Washington D.C.? Let us know your thoughts below!

Interesting “No Sanctuary” Fun Facts

The Eminem look-a-like guy that is first bled in the opening scene, he is the guy of the couple Rick and Carol ran into when he told Carol to go her own way.

The guy on the table is Gareth’s brother they are chopping into steaks.

Carol picks up Rick’s watch he gave the guy the last time he was with Carol.

Best Lines of the Night

“We can’t go back Bob” – Gareth
“There’s guns in it. AK-47, 44 magnum, automatic weapons, night scope, there’s a compound bow aaaand a machete with a red handle. That’s what I am going to use to kill you.” – Rick
“Carol how are you going to do this?” – Tyreese
“I’m going to kill people” – Carol
“Of course you haven’t. You’re the kind of guy who saves babies. That’s kinda like saving an anchor when you’re stuck on a boat in the middle of an ocean.” – Martin
“You’re either the butcher or the cattle” – Gareth’s Mother

There’s a big group again, but that means deaths will be coming! Also take a moment to appreciate the happy get together, because I don’t think we’ll get any more of these moments. I would even say keep this episode on your DVR so, that when the crap hits the fan you’ll have a happy episode to go back to.


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