5 Ways To Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup

Starting Today, The World Cup is Center Stage!

5 Ways To Get Ready For The 2014 World Cup by Confession Girl

There is no question that the World Cup is the largest sporting event around the world. It comes around every four years and though the 2014 World Cup has been plagued with controversies, the event is still estimated to break viewership records. Social media fever will most likely play role in the 2014 World Cup with social giant like Facebook creating an area called “Trending World Cup,” to help its 40% soccer fan base to keep up with scores, news and player information. Twitter and Instagram hashtags like #WorldCup, #Brazil2014, and even the new ‘Hashflags’ introduced will raise the awareness of this epic event.

So, how do you jump into this crazy mess? Here’s your five must do’s!

1. Understanding Soccer In 5-Minutes

First, you want to know what the beautiful game of soccer is all about. Here’s a five minute video on the rules of soccer posted by Minnesota United FC. Yes, I said Minnesota! I promise you won’t regret it, you might learn something new and get some laughs out of it too.

2. Fill Out Your Bracket

Now that you know the rules of soccer and feeling pretty brilliant, its time to fill out your 2014 Brazil World Cup bracket. I created my own and printed it via bannerworld.com, but you can print them all over the net. I liked the one offered by IBtimes.com, and you can print it from home.

3. Where To Watch The World Cup

This list is all in vein if you don’t know where to watch the matches. Sure, you can record it on your DVR while your at work, but you’ll surely get spoiled before you even make it home to press the play button. There’s multiple ways to watch the matches, try ESPN, they will be streaming all 64 matches via its website and apps. Stay updated with mobile apps like FIFA Official App as well, and don’t forget the Facebook “Trending World Cup” section if you are at work and can’t stream all the games.

4. Host a World Cup Party

Hosting a Wold Cup party takes some prepping. Things you definitely need are, party flags of all the nations, finger foods, themed drinks, and of course, your jersey. Here’s some menu ideas for your party:

5 ways to get ready for the World Cup Menu ideas by Confession Girl


a. Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – its easy finger food for guests and has loads of flavor!

b. Beef and Ground Pork Sliders – This dish is hearty, easy and very flavorful plus it will fill up those hungry bellies.

c. Grilled Stuffed Jalapeño Chiles – My boss has one of my favorite sayings when describing a person that expresses their opinions very loudly, “being sassy in the mouth”. You know you’ll have those loud rooting folks at your party, and for those people I say serve them up a nice hot plate of sassy jalapeños!


It’s summer and time to serve up a refreshing drink like a shandy. Here’s a Goal Lemon Shandy (original recipe was called Touchdown but this is all about soccer)!

For more party ideas check out Pinterest Wold Cup.

5. Beer Tasting World Cup Style

Okay maybe you don’t want to throw a big party, but you still want to partake in the celebration of the World Cup. Try a beer tasting session of the countries being represented at the Cup.

Try some of these options:

United States Sam Adams
Spainish Estrella Damm
Germany Krombacher
English Boddingtons Pub Ale
Mexican Victoria
Italian Moretti
Australian Good Head Beer

Try BevMo or Total Wine to find a larger selection of beers.

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