A Snail’s Pace Pub Run and Asics New Nimbus 17s 

A Snail's Pace Pub Run with Asics Nimbus

Running Adventure and Craft Beer

Scrolling through my Twitter feed I found that my local running store, A Snail’s Pace, has brought back the Pub Runs! Wait, I didn’t even know it existed! It was a done deal, I was going to show up early and ready for a fun afternoon with other runners. I thought it would be a little awkward not knowing anyone, but everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

A Snail's Pace Pub Run
What To Expect

For the Fountain Valley location, Asics was the sponsor. The represenative brought the new Gel-Nimbus 17’s for the runners to run in for the 1.75 mile course to the pub. Also, nice purple totes, Asics hats and athletic tee’s were available for the running participants to take home.

Once you arrive to your location, you sign in and get a wrist band so you can pick up your beer at the pub. There’s a running leader that motivates you during the run if you need it. Some people wear headphones, however its up to you how you want to run or walk it. BJ’s was all set up for those of us who arrived first.



The Run

This route was 1.75 mile run on mostly sidewalk and concrete to the nearest BJ’s Restaurant. The running coach gave two options, those who wanted a hill workout and those who wanted a tad shorter, flat run got a different route. All in all, it was speedy and I had a smile on my face.

The Pub

Talking to some of the regulars of the Fountain Valley Pub Run, the last few have ended up at the BJ’s location, which is actually quite nice since they offer domestic and craft beer options. The first beer is covered, plus you get to keep the commemorative mason jar. You can order food and other beverages as well, on your own tab, but  if you are not into beer (sacrilegious) you can get a soda instead.

They had a covered patio all set up for the 50 runners, and everyone joined in conversations with a little brew.

Pub Run ReviewAsics Gel-Nimbus 17 Review

Talk about putting clouds on your feet. This shoe is full of soft shock absorbent cushion all the way from the heel to the forefront. Cradles your feet in a plush casing, great mesh for aerating, and the color was fun without being too loud. Also, good room in the toe box. The men’s Nimbus were a fascinating Oregon Ducks green (college football).

According to the Asics website the female Nimbus features gender-specific Plus 3®, which adds 3mm of height to help relieve achilles tension. I definitely felt that, but would want to try these on a longer run to see how well it works. This running shoe is very light, felt fast and couldn’t be more excited that my knees didn’t hurt at all. (Retail: $150)

The Return

If you partake in the running shoe trial, basically you run the course and swap out the shoes when you arrive at the pub. Also, remember that you have to run back to the running shop after that brew. Unless you call ahead and find out what which pub you’ll end up so you can get together with a group and carpool back. I liked running back, the beer gave me more energy!


  • Umm FREE beer, do you really need more?
  • Try the latest running products for FREE
  • You get to meet really friendly people
  • Informative since staff is available to answer any questions you may have
  • Fun short run


  • It’s a relatively short run, between 1 to 2 miles
  • After having beer and food you have to run back to your car with a mason jar in your hand. There were a couple of us, so it wasn’t too bad.
  • The course was on some busy streets, but that’s where the mileage actually is beneficial. It’s enough for you to test the shoes but no long enough to get a real good workout.

I heard A Snail’s Pace does 4-5 of these a year, if you want to join me on the next one send me a message on Facebook or comment below!

Happy Running,


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    • Hi there! I will let you know as soon it’s posted up. But I believe their is one next Tuesday (March 17th) at the Mission Viego if you and BB want to go. I will be in Thailand for that one, so I won’t be able to join you. But I’ve added you to my Pub Run list :).

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