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It seems that everywhere we turn there is a minimalist trend ranging from running shoes all the way to tiny living. This booming trend peaked my interest while reading my latest Entertainment Weekly letting me know of a new show called Tiny House Nation. So, I set my DVR and two days later I was all caught up and fascinated with this tiny house boom!

Tiny House Nation Show
Renovation experts and host, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, travel all over America showing us how small spaces can lower our environmental footprint, simplify our lives, and gain financial freedom. Plus how to ingeniously create furniture that allows you to live in under 500 square feet of space!

For me, living in Southern California, tiny living seems almost impossible, yet I found myself completely transfixed for days by these minimalist enthusiasts. My favorite episodes involved home owners renting out their bigger homes to construct a tiny home in their backyard, or reworking other buildings on the property like garages to meet their tiny living requirements. Plus they gain the financial rewards of renting out their larger property.

Though you might not be sold on the ‘tiny housing’ movement this show really offers great DIY projects for space saving around the house, or just ways to declutter living spaces.

Set your DVR to see how likely you would want to live in a tiny home. For more on Tiny House Nation on F.Y.I Network check them out at On DirecTV FYIHD is on channel 266.

How likely are you to live in a tiny house?


Tiny House Nation Is My Latest TV Addiction - Confession Girl


Season 1 of Tiny House Nation

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