After your first running adventure, you HOT CHOCOLATE!

15k-hot-chocolate-runYou train and train for your run, and live for the excitement of race day. You anticipate all the great moments you’ll have getting your goodie bag to sampling all the great products at the expo. But what happens when all the excitement is over? Why did it go by so fast? Monday rolls around and your left feeling a little sluggish, especially if you haven’t lined up another race.

I wanted to get my first half out of the way before I committed to the next run. Well, here I am, a week later and searching to no end for which is the next perfect race! I’m still looking for something challenging, but my main focus is for something really fun that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.

I originally wanted to sign up for the next runDisney event, but It took almost every inch of will-power not to sign up for the Dumbo Double Dare race weekend. At $320 my pocket book just couldn’t take that big of a blow right now. And it also meant that any other race I wanted to run would be out the window. So I sat on the sideline and watched as the ticker of available spaces dwindle to the dreaded ‘sold out’ status.

I moped most of the day until I noticed an alert come through from a blog I follow. Their she was, a Chocolate Running Ambassador, teasing me to run a 15K in sunny San Diego, where at the finish line you get hot chocolate, and chocolate fondue to dip bananas, pretzels and cookies.


There just wasn’t any thinking involve. I took out my trusty credit card and signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15/5K. No buyers remorse here, but I should have researched just a tad more! After a little more info I realized what I signed up for.


From the Yelp reviews I read the course is supposed to be pretty challenging. The 9.3 miles are full of rolling hills. With just 54 days left, I guess my butt is going to have to start running stairs and hilly areas. HA! So did I sell you on this race? Can I get you to run with me? Let me know!

Keep Running,

Karen is one of the founders at Confession Girl, loves drinking wine, craft beer, reading and running. Studied nutrition and sport injury at University of Santa Barbara, but decided to follow a passion in creative. Follow me on Twitter @confessiongirl2

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