All The Light We Cannot See Book Review

All The Light We Cannot See Book Review by Confession Girl

I’m slowly inching my way towards the 18-book reading goal I set up earlier this year via GoodReads Reading Challenge. All The Light We Cannot See was number seven in my challenge and is definitely comes with a big recommendation, especially if you love historical fiction. This review may detail one light spoiler, but definitely won’t ruin your read.

All The Light We Cannot See is written by Anthony Doerr, and tells a story of World War II from the point of view of two young characters, Marie-Laure a blind French girl, and an orphaned German boy named Werner. Though the two main characters lives don’t seem to collide for a very long time, Doerr does an amazing job in constructing each of their worlds from one chapter to the next. You can distinctly hear each of the characters personalities come through.

What I loved
This was not a YA book. Don’t get me wrong I love YA books, but this was a nice departure form a typical boy meets girl book. It’s really two stories in one. All The Light We Cannot See is a book with great historical references, a splash of mythical magic, and unfortunate melancholy. Doerr keeps his two main characters separate for most of his story, but describes impeccably the beautiful relationships within each of the two stories.

What I didn’t love
[Light spoiler is detailed here] Knowing that this was an adult-fiction book, I had hoped for more story time between Marie-Laure and Werner’s character. Though emotionally impactful I was left a little disappointed by their brief encounter. Maybe I have been reading too much of Diana Gabaldon! Honestly, there just isn’t anything bad to say about this book. If you are looking for romance this is not your book. All The Light We Cannot See is definitely about friendships, devotion and the things that happen to us during war.


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