Cars Suck In The Apocalypse! The Walking Dead “Consumed” Ep 506

The Walking Dead “Consumed”

Cloaked under darkness, The Walking Dead “Consumed” episode picks up where Daryl and Carol left off a few weeks ago, in pursuit of Beth behind a blue station wagon. Much of the episode revolves around a quiet standoff between Daryl and Carol. Daryl is trying to get Carol to see that they can start over, she doesn’t have to leave the group. This interaction continues for most of the episode until they run into someone else! Let’s break down this weeks favorite moments.

Cars Obviously Suck
So, I think its safe to assume that it’s been about two or three years since the start of the apocalypse. Cars have been sitting for a long time, and understandably they are going to crap out. But in the case of The Walking Dead, they crap out in the most inopportune times or as we see later, (spoiler alert) run you over!

The blue Dodge vehicle enters Atlanta, giving us another iconic view of the city which we haven’t seen since season one. The road shows more signs of abandonment from the years that have passed. The hospital cops stop on the outskirts of the city to clear debris off the road. Daryl and Carol stay just far back enough to look a little suspicious to the cops. However, they decide to march on. Daryl tries to start the car, but of course it doesn’t. They have to abandon the car for shelter as a swarm of walkers are nearly upon them. They’ll have to find another way to locate Beth.

They head on over to a building, where again a nice shoutout to season one, we see the tank Rick got into back in episode one. Daryl distracts the walkers by throwing a legal pad on fire and heads up to a pedestrian walk way into a parking garage. But the camera seems to linger just a little longer behind Carol after she passes the door. There’s someone following them!

Two weeks ago, I predicted that Daryl and Carol were maybe spying on the hospital and could have possibly seen the attempted escape of Beth and Noah. Well, I was wrong. Noah in different clothes jumps Carol, by the way, if she’s so damn smart why would she go through a door knowing there are walkers still there with her back towards them? Makes no sense, especially since she’s Queen Badass. But whatever, it happens.

And, of course Noah gets the gun she tossed over and he robs them of their weapons. I can imagine people screaming to the television, “Oh no he didn’t just steal Daryl’s crossbow! Noah is dead, Yup he’s going to die!” Okay, maybe just me. Carol points her gun at Noah, which here’s a debatable question, did she point her gun to his head, or was she telling the truth that she was aiming for his leg? I don’t know, but that gun was aimed quite high for a leg shot. Daryl hits Carol’s arm and the bullet goes to the ground.

Daryl and Carol in another attempt to get a lead on Beth, find an abandoned van with crosses painted on the back windows. The van is hanging half way off a bridge. Once inside the van, Daryl finds the name of the hospital on the gurney, walkers are soon upon them. Trapped in the van, the only way out is down. The van flips and practically breaks Carol’s arm but thankfully both survive. But first we get a few raining walkers. Queue up the music! Just kidding.

Again, do I need to tell you, cars in the apocalypse are dangerous people!

Daryl Saves Carol’s Humanity
Without weapons Daryl and Carol head over to an adjacent building from the hospital to stake it out. Throughout the episode there’s flashbacks of Carol after she was excommunicated from the group by Rick. The constant smoke behind Carol signifies that she keeps shedding some version of herself. Slowly she kept losing a bit of her humanity and as Daryl keeps reminding her, “We ain’t ashes,” they can start over. Carol tells Daryl that she can’t sit by any longer watching everyone die. Well, Daryl gets his chance to show Carol that she is in fact still alive with her humanity intact.

On queue, they hear a noise down the hall – it’s Noah. Daryl gets all crazy on Noah and drops a bookcase on him ready to leave him for dead, he is not saving him a second time he says. Carol interjects. [Aside: Now, Yvette Nichole Brown mentions on the Talking Dead that she believes Daryl was doing this to force Carol to see that she still has her humanity.]

Carol struggles to get kill the walker attacking Noah, when Daryl shoots the walker in the head. No time to dwell on Carol’s humanity revival.

Noah warns them that the people at the hospital probably heard the gun shot, and they need to get out quickly. Daryl asks Noah if he saw a blond girl – Noah says Beth. Another whew, until they see a station wagon pass on the street below them. Trying to escape Carol is just a few feet ahead of Noah and Daryl, when she crosses the building and BAM – she gets hit by a car! CARS ARE DANGEROUS.

Noah warns him not to go out there, the hospital though full of bad people, will try to save her with equipment he doesn’t have. Noah says they need more people and fire power to take on the hospital. Oh, I think Daryl knows the right group.

Daryl and Noah get in a big white truck, again reminded me of the truck the group leaves Atlanta back in season one.

Did you have a favorite moment this week? Share with us in the comments below.

In case you missed the Sneak Peek on The Talking Dead for next week’s episode, “Crossed” here it is.


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