Celebrate #NationalTequilaDay with a Coronarita

Coronaritas For Thirsty Thursday

Refreshing Coronarita For a Thirsty Girl

After a rough boat ride on a hot day for a weekend getaway we landed on the beautiful island of Catalina. Hauling luggage through town only made us extremely thirsty.

First stop, something to cool us down. After little searching, the island is pretty small, we found a Mexican restaurant with a great view of the town. We sat down and checked out the menu. From what I remember it seemed like the name Coronarita was in neon lights, beckoning us to its delicious nectar. This moment was the first time I heard of a such a drink.

It was exactly a year ago that we found these hybrid margaritas with a nice cold-bubbly Corona beer attached upside down within the glass. The beer slowly and deliciously seeps its bubbly fizz into the margarita as you slurp up the contents of your glass.

Today is Thursday as well as National Tequila Day, and there just isn’t a better way to celebrate. So, this weekend when you are thinking of a new drink to try remember this little article that reminded you to enjoy the sweet and fizzy things in life.

If done right, the Coronarita should not be as sweet or tart as a typical margarita. The Corona beer adds carbonation and a little bite that balances out the sweetness. Add a spicy salt rim and you’’ll have a delicious combination! It’s not a drink you can drink all night long, but it sure is refreshing on a hot day.


Chicken Bowls by Brunch Time Baker

Brunch Time Baker Chicken Bowl Recipes - Confession Girl

Brunch Time Baker Chicken Bowl Recipes – Confession Girl

If you love Chipotle’s bowls your in for a treat, which is the perfect combination for this week’s thirsty girl selection of a Coronarita for National Tequila Day.

Let me know what you paired your Coronarita with!


Images: Behind The Studio, Brunch Time Baker

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