Comic Book Newbie, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

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Comic Book Newbies, This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day

If you are reading I’m assuming you’re a comic book newbie like myself. I was more of the ‘dabble’ type of fan when I was a kid, but lately there’s been more than a few amazing titles that have made me cult follower. It seems that the more popular comic books become, the more diverse the material is.

So, maybe your interested in finding out more about comic books, or it’s just too time consuming to read a book, whatever your reason, here’s your chance to get some amazing deals on the most popular comics without breaking the wallet.

Believe me, once you read a graphic novel, or comic book you’ll find yourself reading them more often. The key is to find something you really enjoy!

One: Awesome Online Starter Deal by Humble Bundle (Hurry this offer expires in 10 days)

Check out Humble Bundle, which is a platform that lets you pay what you want for awesome digital content and support world-changing charities. Lucky for us this week Humble Bundle is offering nearly 50 issues of digital comic books contained within nine collections. The catch? It only last a few days so hurry. It’s the perfect way to get your collection started!

The best part is you decide how your money is spent by choosing which charity gets your money. The digital content comes DRM-free so, you can read your purchases on any device.

The pay-what-you-will bundle includes four books in the baseline deal: the first volumes of Morning Glories, Lazarus, Fatale, and East of West. If you spend over the approximately $10 average, the first volumes of Saga, Revival, and Chew get thrown into the mix. But the more time you wait the average price moves up, so hurry.

And for $16 donation range you can get the 1st and 20th volumes of The Walking Dead. To learn more about each of the comics visit The Humble Mumble blog or watch the video.

Two: Visit Your Local Comic Book Store

Support your local comic book store by checking out what kind of deals they offer, especially this Saturday, May 3rd, since its Free Comic Book Day. Talking to someone face to face can also get you into something you might overlook without a personal stamp of approval.

Find your local comic book store here.

Three: Check out Comixology

ComiXology is revolutionizing the comic book and graphic novel industry by delivering a cloud-based digital comics platform that makes discovering, buying, and reading comics more fun than ever before.

If the Humble Bundle doesn’t have all the titles you are interested in, take a look at the free collections on Comixology. Titles like Saga Vol. 1, Red Sonja, or Blue Estate are just a few.

Four: Podcasts

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment on the market, and the best part is, they’re usually free. Now to hurdle the hardest part, which one to listen too. Since I am a newbie, I’ve been dabbling with a few, but found a great list you can start with via Comics Bulletin. Here are a couple I listen too weekly:

1. Under the Comic Covers – is a podcast geared toward indie comic books, for both long time fans, and those new to comics. Mr. Blahg and Grace discuss some of their favorite comic series’ and review new and upcoming titles.

2. The Walking Dead’Cast– this podcast is more about AMC’s The Walking Dead show, but Jason and Karen do have a segment on the comics which is always fun.

3. Game of Owns – not necessarily a comic book podcast, but the story is currently being translated into graphic novels, and the hosts (Zach, Selina [on hiatus], Micah and Eric] really give you a great insight into the world that is Game of Thrones.

Five: Wednesday is Comic Book Release Day

Check out the new comic book releases on websites like and The best part is they review a few of the bigger releases for you to help you find what you might be interested in.

What comic books are you reading or looking forward to getting? Let us know in the comments below.


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