Diamonds Are Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend [Updated]

Diamonds Are Not Always A Girl's Best Friend

I’ve never been into buying jewelry mostly because I found it cumbersome. I usually take my watches off after a couple of hours, bracelets bang against the desk when I am typing, necklaces sometimes feel claustrophobic, and earrings get heavy after a while. I know its not the norm, but I’ve always admired women who can wear jewelry, because they look so put together. I wanted that!

So, in the last year I’ve ventured into buying small pieces here and there from a variety of companies. What I found is you can place your jewelry into three categories of care:

Scattered – These types of pieces you might have bought for a quick costume party, bachelorette outing, or you simply didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece you weren’t going to wear again. So, you toss them on any surface because you probably don’t care too much about them.

Jewelry Box – These pieces may have not cost you an arm or a leg, but they are definitely made with more quality then the above scattered jewelry pieces. They can also hold some sentimental value. I would definitely place some of my more recent purchases in this category.

The Safe – I don’t own any pieces that need to be locked away just yet. But I would classify any family heirlooms, diamonds, or pearls would definitely go in this category. I have not reached this level, but I like my mid level for now.

Charming Charlie PiecesCharming Charlie – Scattered Pieces
When I started buying jewelry I started at a Charming Charlie, which I still love, but the quality of the pieces leave a lot to be desired. I can wear them multiple times, but then the metal will fade or a glass bead will fall out. And it is okay, because I know the price was inexpensive. I also was trying to find my style for my jewelry box. This little company is a great way to find it without busting your wallet. Prices average from $5 for earrings, $15 for necklaces, and $10 for rings


JEWELMINT PiecesJEWELMINT – Jewelry Box Pieces
As I started to feel a little more confident with my style choices I found a company called JEWELMINT. If you are familiar with Shoedazzle or Justfab, it’s basically the same. Set up like a member club, you have to skip if you don’t want to buy something for the month. Besides the constant emails, having to join the club, and skipping every month, their stuff was very beautiful and durable. I bought a few bracelets, rings and earrings. But the hassle of skipping each month was ultimately why I stopped shopping with them. If you feel adventurous and your phone alarm can keep you from being charged too many credits, this might be a good option for you. Prices range from $29 and up, but each monthly credit is only $29.

[Update] JEWELMINT no longer requires a membership/skip subscription! That’s really good news. 


Chloe + Isabel Fashion JewelryChloe + Isabel – Jewelry Box Pieces
I was introduced to this jewelry company, Chloe + Isabel by a friend at work. I was finding myself admiring her pieces everyday that she finally just said that she would add me to her network so I could see the jewelry for myself. What I liked about Chloe + Isabel was the selection of metal finishes, colors and versatility. I fell in love with the chain necklace options, beautiful charms, and of course my first purchase, which were gorgeous owl studs. I received my earrings a couple weeks ago and have been wearing them non-stop. I also like that instead of being a member of some corporate club, Chloe + Isabel empower women to be entrepreneurs via a new realm of social retail. I’m happy to help out a friend, because I know I am getting a good product in return. Prices average around $50, but there’s a lot of choices under $50. (Look out for our complete review of the Chloe + Isabel purchases on our next post.)

I don’t have an example of higher-end jewelry just yet, but I promise to share one once I find one! How about you, where do you find your jewelry pieces?

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