Diary of a thirstyGIRL: Birthday With Naked Guy

Diary of a thirstyGIRL: Birthday With Naked Guy

This week instead of reviewing a wine or beer I thought I would share a wild moment. So here goes my very first diary entry of thirsty girl!

A friend’s birthday was on Wednesday and our plan was to meet up for happy hour at a nice seafood spot for oysters and champagne. Then, plans started to fall apart. Some of other friend’s work schedules were getting in the way of the early bird happy hour meet up time. So, I decided to surprise her at the house until we heard from the rest of the crew.

We were sitting in her dinning room area, both enjoying our Gentleman Jack neats, talking about our work day when I noticed a half naked guy running through her backyard! It took a bit to register that their was indeed a half naked man running in the back yard, though we heard her four dogs going crazy seconds before the man came into view. He was being attacked by three Italian greyhounds and one tiny little yorkie! I know sounds ridiculous, but this whole story is just one bizarre thing after another.

My eyes must have been popped out of my head, because at the moment she turned around. We both got up at the same time. However, my reaction was to close the porch door, where as her reaction was to hold the door open and proceed to yell at the top of her lungs, “Hey what are you doing? Hey!”

I’m second guessing what I am seeing, knowing that all I’ve had was maybe a couple sips of my whiskey. The half naked guy proceeds to run by the side of the house over a wooden fence like he was some kind ninja. Talk about adrenaline. It was like watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off in VIVO!

As he proceeds to jump the wooden fence he runs into my friend’s neighbor with his very, and I mean very large pit pull that is trying to eat him. The guy is still trying to hold up his swim trunks. Across the street already he was climbing two more fences into a school and he was gone!

The whole moment was so surreal we just couldn’t believe what was happening. Was he some kind of Jason Bourne running away from another operative, was he caught sleeping with someone’s wife, or was it just a young punk running away from cops?

It took a couple of minutes to get our composure back, but we sighed and fell into the couch and just started laughing. We never saw any police, but we continued to speculate on the origins of our birthday half naked guy while sipping our whiskey.

I unfortunately had to leave soon after the incident, but got a text from my friend later that evening saying she ended up celebrating at Wahoos, “A far cry from oysters and champagne”.

We’ll make it up to you my friend!



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