Emmy Voters Might Be From Uranus

Emmy Voters Might Be From Uranus

I am the first to admit that I love award season. Even if it’s a love and hate relationship, especially when it comes to the Emmy voters. For the last few years the Emmy’s have done been pretty abysmal job with nominations. Most of the shows nominated are the same from the previous few years. Last year one of the biggest hits, Orange Is The New Black was left out despite it’s critic adoration. As well as fan favorite, Tatiana Maslany was overlooked though she plays at least four different versions of her main character.

The Emmy’s for me had never been about the red carpet specials, but what they do and the shows they give us for entertainment every week. The 2014 Emmy’s were not any different. Are the Emmy voters out of touch with modern television? Are they network loyalists? Whatever the reason some of the shows that won continued to raise brows.

Sure, Breaking Bad can be called one of the best shows ever aired. However in the past year and a half since it aired, shows like House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Walking Dead have broken fan popularity and achieved critic raves. I found myself screaming at the television noting that the Emmy voters have yet again lost touch with the times. Modern Family won against Silicon Valley, Veep and Louie!

Though I may love Modern Family I didn’t think they deserved another win especially against its fellow nominees. And, though I love Orange is the New Black I am not sure they did themselves any service going in as a comedy. The Emmy voter continues to be out of touch.

Maybe next year we will get more qualified voters that understand today’s television. With any hope we’ll see some more of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Justified, Community [now on Yahoo], and even some Amazon’s Prime shows.

I know, go ahead laugh it up fuzz ball!


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