Fashion Trends – The Dropped Crotch Pants

Dropped Crotch Pants

Dropped Crotch Pants

Most agree that the dropped crotch pants are a controversial topic in fashion today. There are many fashion trends that are either here to stay or making their transition and we quickly find ourselves onto the next thing.

Personally I love clothes that are timeless for a few reasons:

  1. Timeless fashion becomes part of your identity; it gives you a sense of your own individuality 
  2. They never go out of style and for me this is imperative since I am extremely critical in my fashion choices
  3. Timeless clothes take a smaller hit on your budget (this being probably the most obvious of all reasons)

Dropped Crotch Pants have become more and more trendy since their modern version appearance, mostly on stage through recording artists, about two years ago. As we have seen throughout recent decades, celebrities have highly influenced fashion and they will continue to do so as we move forward into the Twenty20s.

Over the years I have built a wardrobe that I believe is worth more then the total of each item’s price tag in my closet. Confessions of a Shopaholic’s Rebecca Bloomwood states that clothes are an investment and I couldn’t agree more. Every jacket, vest, pair of pants, shirt/t-shirt and pair of shoes have their place in my closet and I wouldn’t be ME without them. As I add new pieces to my collection I am taking cautious steps, because I no longer want to be a fashion junkie, making juvenile decisions to then later end up with clothes that never fit my style in the first place, leading to the only possible solution < getting rid of them >.

Maybe I have learned to shop like a man, well a very stylish man, after many years of shopping experiences and countless frustrating moments when faced with a closet where certain clothes didn’t belong. In my last shopping trip, I made an out of the ordinary decision to try something different and add some excitement to my otherwise pretty consistent, simple style: a pair of dropped crotch pants. My feelings towards this fashion trend have not been positive as most consider the dropped crotch pants ugly and unflattering – I too shared the sentiment. Tailored, fitted clothes have been my go to style and I find myself gravitating towards similar items when shopping.

The dropped crotch pants is one of the boldest moves I’ve made with my latest fashion additions and I am surprised how much I love them! These pants are not architectural by any means, definitely not fitted, but I think I know why I ended up loving them more then I thought I would. The tailoring is amazing and these loose pants are sexier then most of the fitted ones in my closet. Also, I have to say that not every dropped crotch pants are alike as some designers’ cut will flatter you, while others are made to fit different body types. These pants make me feel artistically empowered and unlike skinny jeans that tend to feel constricting, they are effortless and cool. As the California temperature rises every week higher and higher, I’m sure I am not alone in wanting clothes that make you feel fresh, that don’t weigh you down, but maintain a powerful sense of style.

This adventurous fashion move helped me to once again step out of my comfort zone; I trusted my instinct with these pants to go ahead and have fun while still looking fabulous. In the end, clothes are supposed to make you feel good and thou my new dropped crotch pants may not fit the timeless attribute I will enjoy them during these hot summer days.

And like Rebecca Bloomwood: “Yes I Googled” and learned so much about dropped crotch pants. Their influence in fashion and what exotic parts of the world this style originated from. Here’s some history behind this controversial style.

Share with us your most adventurous fashion choice(s).
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One thought on “Fashion Trends – The Dropped Crotch Pants

  1. So glad I found this. I too have a tailored and classic style. Yesterday I bought an expensive drop crotch jumpsuit with a halter top. Very outside my comfort zone and I now am regretting my purchase. But I just read your blog and think I will give it a real go. It looked beautiful on the sales woman!

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