Favorite Moments of The Walking Dead Crossed Ep 507

Favorite Moments of The Walking Dead Crossed Episode 507 by Confession Girl

We had a nice change on The Walking Dead’s, “Crossed” episode this week . Instead of focusing on just one of our separated groups, we actually got a glimpse of all of them. Some are fishing, others are planning their escape, and our Seal Team Six is making some silly mistakes. Let’s break down the favorite moments of The Walking Dead’s “Crossed” episode.

Gabriel Gets Nailed
What is seriously up with creepy preacher Gabriel? Father Gabriel had very little screen time this week and the Talking Dead didn’t discuss his actions of leaving the church after Carl, who mind you might not be everyone’s favorite character, but tells him very point blank the truth of the world outside the church walls. How does Father Gabriel take this? He takes his machete and picks up the floor boards in an attempt to escape. This is confusing, because he isn’t a prisoner and his life is not in jeopardy. Why would he risk going out again when it was Rick’s group that saved him in the first place?

Well, just to show how stupid Gabriel is, the first thing that happens to him outside the church is to step on a nail! Really, don’t you at this time turn back and say, “Well I tried, I’m obviously not meant to do this alone.” Nope! He continues on and runs into a female walker and she nearly kills him, but he body slams her to the ground (nice move by the way), and impales her to a small tree trunk in the ground. He picks up a rock about to bash her head when he notices the cross on her necklace. He just walks away. What is driving Gabriel to go outside the church? Do you think he will come back? So many questions!

General Hospital
So, this isn’t a soap opera, though the old man with the strawberries sure could go on one – did you see his acting? But, seriously what the heck is going on with Dawn. Its like Drake Ramoray split personality brain transplant with Jessica Lockhart – it’s the only soap opera I know! But I’ve digressed…

Anyway, Beth decides to stand up for Carol’s life, but does it in a way that undermines Dawn. Wait for it, Dawn gives Beth the key to the medicine cabinet to save Carol’s life instead of beating her. What? What is Dawn’s end game here? Is Beth playing Dawn’s game, but just doesn’t have time to dwell on it because she wants to save Carol’s life? Maybe, if Carol lives Beth is now more indebted to Dawn and her hospital gains another hospital ’staff’ member. Carol better wake up, we need some ass kicking here!

Do We Need Ricktatorship Again?
Frustrating moments on The Walking Dead are part of the fun. Drama comes from people making mistakes, and though we refer to Rick’s team as the Seal Team Six, they are still human. But, with that said after Terminus Rick demanded that they go back and kill the Termites. What happened because they didn’t? Bob died!

Now it’s the second time Rick is devising a ruthless, but necessary plan of attack to rescue Beth and Carol from Hell Hospital. But, Tyreese the most frustrating character on TWD, says their’s a better plan. Let’s take hostages and everyone lives. Seriously! Even Daryl agrees with this, which I have a theory, Daryl was not present when theTermites attacked.

Rick concedes and goes with the plan to take the hostages. The plan doesn’t work out quite as expected at least at first. Two cops are captured, but then a third cop car comes wheeling down the road. Sasha shoots out the tire and now the cops are on foot. Probably one of the most surprisingly fights, because it involves Daryl, is between bald cop and Daryl. It genuinely looked as if Daryl was in peril as walkers on the ground keep reaching to bite him. Then Daryl sticks his fingers in a walker’s head, rips it off his body, spine and all, and whacks the bald cop on the head. Rick comes in with a gun and holds it on bald cop. Tension adverted and they have three cops to trade – or do they?

What About Bob?
Pretty much one of the cops pretends to be a nice guy and calls himself Bob. I was looking at Sasha the whole time to see if Bob’s name was on the shirt she was wearing since it was Bob’s. Was that a coincidence? Sasha falls for it and buys Bob number two’s story that it should have been him out there, half-melted on the pavement. She takes him to a remote part of the building to take out his cop friend when he rams Sasha into the glass pane. Seriously, again?! Now, Bob number two is about to warn Dawn about our Seal Team Six.

Why couldn’t they just have gone with Rick’s plan? Damn you Tyreese! Stop putting our group in peril with your inhibition to mold to the place you live in now – it’s called the apocalypse, not a day spa.

On a lighter note our firetruck group, nicely named GREATM by Tara, sought out more drinking water instead of heading back to the church. Tara, Glenn and Rosita find a creek with living fish and devise a great fishing plan. Though the episode wasn’t full of explosions this was a nice little break to see some of our favorites enjoy the little things, like fishing without the looming walkers or evil people trying to kill them. It was a nice moment.

I loved that we got a little bit of time with all our characters this week. But, next week you know we are losing someone! Who’s your death guess?

My money is on Carol. Norman Reedus isn’t going to cry for an hour before filming his scene of the mid season finale without losing someone he is really close too.

Until next week! But first, Inside Episode 508 and a sneak peak of the mid season finale. Happy Thanksgiving friends!


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