“First of His Name” Another Big Reveal in Game of Thrones

First of His Name, Scheming Petyr

Top 3 Moments of “First of His Name” S4 E5

The King of Schemers

Oh Petyr Baelish, how we underestimated you! This week’s episode, “First of His Name” is one of the most “oh crap” reveals for non-book readers. We find out that Baelish is pretty much responsible for most of the deaths in all of Westeros. And, his new bat-shit-crazy-teenage-breastfeeding wife, Lysa Tully, played her part by poisoning her then husband, Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. Lysa was also the one who sent the note to Cat Stark naming the Lannister’s as the culprits, which in turn created the war between the Stark’s and Lannister’s!

It probably wasn’t very hard for Petyr to persuade Lysa to follow his scheming ways. Petyr used the sisterly rivalry between Cat and Lysa to get exactly what he wanted – Stark’s to kill Lannister’s, and vice versa. Vary’s did say, “Petyr Baelish is the most dangerous man in Westeros,” and now we know what he meant.

We’ve only seen Lysa once before and that was back in season one. And, this episode gave us more insight into the psyche of Lysa. We know she was very jealous of Cat, and now that is being carried over to Sansa.

Poor Sansa, as I mentioned in last week’s write up, Sansa is dealing with a whole new kind of monster and prison. How will Sansa react now that her future means marrying Robin? He may not be a Joffrey, but that boy is pretty messed up! Hope Arya gets there, sooner then later.

Cersei’s Campaign

Over at King’s Landing, Tommen is being proclaimed king. Margaery takes the opportunity to smile at her future husband, until Cersei’s eye daggers catch her. Here we go again, Cersei is going to give Margeary another threatening speech. Wait, did she just say something nice to Margeary? It looks like Cersei is turning a new leaf, but we know her true agenda. You can see Cersei swallow her distaste for the Tyrell’s as she speaks to Margaery especially when she says, “We may be faced with an alarming number of weddings soon. I don’t even know what to call you, sister or mother”.

Oh Margaery, don’t you remember Cersei’s threatening to strangle you in your sleep if you ever called her sister again. Unless Cersei’s dead, I think she’ll keep that promise!

Cersei’s biggest challenge in Game of Thrones, has been winning Tywin over to her end game – for Tyrion’s head to end up on a spike. Tywin is not easily manipulated. However, this week’s episode, “First of His Name” she definitely got her foot hold. She gives a very convincing speech, “The Lannister legacy is the only thing that matters. You started wars to protect this family. Turned your back on Jaime for refusing to contribute to its future. What does Tyrion deserve for lighting that future on fire?”

Well played Cersei, well played.

Prince Oberyn
This episode showed how powerful and resourceful Cersei can be, when she wants something so bad. She played into the Red Viper’s emotions of revenge by saying they both reign their lands, yet they can’t stop their loved ones from being murdered. The only thing they can do is, ‘avenge them’. Again, Cersei played right to Oberyn’s weakness. Ending her conversation with a message to her daughter, “please tell her I miss her very much”.

Hands of Steel

Yes! We had a few satisfying deaths in, “First of His Name” episode, and they all came at Caster’s Keep. The first, and probably the most satisfying death of the night was Locke at the hands of Hodor! Bran took over Hodor’s body, and broke Locke’s neck and collarbone right in half. Locke posed a danger to any surviving Stark, and it was great to see another enemy go down at the hands of a Stark.

The second most satisfying death was Karl. Though gnarly, it was pretty satisfying. Especially, since Karl received two stabs, one from one of Caster’s abused girls in the back, and the final death stab through the head by Jon Snow. He probably deserved to suffer longer, but the fact that he’s gone is satisfying enough.

And, the third satisfying death was Rast at the paws of Ghost. It seems fitting that Ghost would also get his revenge.

With loads of satisfying deaths I guess Game of Thrones wasn’t going give us another happy moment, like a Stark reunion we’ve been so desperately wanting. We were so close to a Bran and Jon reunion. He was inches away, but Jojen made sense, even though we hated it.

We had to settle for a Jon and Ghost reunion, which put a smile on my face.

Favorite Quotes from “First of His Name”

“I will do what queen’s do. I will rule.” – Daenerys

“I didn’t like your husband. He used to pat me on the back a lot.” Tywin talking about Robert Boratheon

What did you think of this week’s reveal? Did you see that coming? Leave your comments below!


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