Free Book Friday: Sweet Water

Free Ebook Friday provided by Barnes & Noble: Sweet Water

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I think we are in a Southern Comfort set of mine. This week’s free ebook Friday by Barnes and Noble is called, “Sweet Water” by Christina Baker Kline. Sweet Water is a Southern literary saga and a psychological thriller. It’s a beautifully wrought novel that recounts a daughter’s search for the truth about her mother’s death. “Evocative writing,” said The New York Times Book Review.

When a grandfather she never knew bequeaths her a house and 60 acres of land in Sweetwater, Tennessee,  a restless young artist leaves New York to recover her past and rethink her future. Cassie Simon’s mother Ellen died when Cassie was only three; raised in Boston by her grieving father, she never knew her maternal relatives. Unprepared for the thick veil of mystery that surrounds them, Cassie is especially bewildered by her brusque grandmother, whom rumor credits with hiding a terrible secret about Ellen’s death. In alternating sections told from their respective points of view, Cassie and her grandmother fight their separate battles to cope with the truth about the tragedy. Kline perfectly renders each woman’s voice: Cassie’s, probing and often uncertain, propels the narrative and creates an appropriate level of psychological suspense; the grandmother’s quavers with the weight of memory as Cassie’s search forces her beyond family myth to a painful and perhaps dangerous truth.

The result is a powerful, immensely readable tale of loyalty and betrayal, family and memory, made fresh by Kline’s often beautiful and always lucid prose. –

So you have the facts here’s a positive and negative review:

Wow, I’ve lucked out recently with good books. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m due for some boring ones soon. This was excellent – so interesting and the suspense part of it had me totally absorbed. I love this writer (thanks for telling me about her Katie!) and I’ll definitely read her other books. I think she’s only written three books since 1994 and one is due out next month. The writing is superb and Kline has that great storyteller quality that makes for my favorite kinds of books.

I have a new kindle and didn’t have high expectations after attempting to read several $.99 books. This book held my interest throughout. Perhaps because of my age I found the grandmother to be the more complex character. Could have done without the steamy romance with the cousin. It didn’t add anything to the story and seemed out of character for Cassie, not to mention stupid to get drunk and go to a motel with a total stranger. I expect that in chicklit which I try to avoid. I debated three or four stars and decided on three. This is not a keeper for me nor a must read for my friends, simply a good read for a lazy afternoon.
Hope you add it to your next book club! Enjoy and keep reading. To download click here.

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