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Game of Thrones “Dragonstone” First Watch S7 E1

Finally, the wait is over! Game of Thrones season 7 kicked off with a bit of a head scratcher that probably only lasted a few seconds before you figured out what was happening. In a very mission impossible-like, Arya removes Walter’s face mask and tells the women, “Tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Frey.”

For those of you who haven’t read our recaps in the past, we don’t necessarily cover the entire episode, but rather open it up to more of a discussion. We are non-book readers that just want to sit around the digital water cooler and discuss the awesomeness of GoT – so, please no book spoilers here.

Confession Girl Disclaimer

So let’s kick it off. From what I gathered among friends the opening sequence was a fist pumping hit. Yet, some friends mentioned they were disappointed there wasn’t enough oomph. I am in total disagreement, so for our first question what were your thoughts? 

Jon & Sansa Stark

I actually really like the tension between Jon and Sansa at the moment. I’m not fully convinced with the popular thought that these two are headed down a doomed path – Sansa betraying Jon. To me, Sansa genuinely seems to want Jon to succeed and not follow the footsteps of Ned and Rob. I think Sansa is finally finding her voice, something she might have picked up from Cersei – besides the hairdo, but she may not necessarily want to kill everyone in her path to get it. My theory is that Sansa will sacrifice herself for Jon! Thoughts?

Arya Stark

Arya rolling up to the King’s Landing soldiers and finding Ed Sheeran, did that take you out of the GoT world or were you cool with it? And, if we get a quick scene in the next episode with all of them dead would you be disappointed in Arya’s character or is she just a bad ass? Either way, she’s headed to King’s Landing and not to Winterfell. If I can’t get another Stark reunion then I’m hoping the Red Queen, Melisandre to fall upon Arya. What if the Hound runs into Arya – reunion city!

Sam at Citadel

That sequence of Sam picking up crap, cleaning the loo, and scooping soup for all the patrons was one of the best comedy bits the show has ever done! I thought this was genius, and loved every ounce of it. 🤢
Anyways, Sam finds important details about dragon glass (obsidian) growing in multitude at Dragonstone, where we’ll find out shortly that Dany has just landed. Will the raven reach Jon without complications –  cough cough will Cersei Lannister get in the way? Will Sam connect the dots and seek Ser Jorah’s council once he hears Daenerys has landed at Dragonstone? So much wishful thinking for episode two!

Other Tidbits

  • Loved the last segment of Daenerys checking out her birthplace in complete silence. Her entourage just letting her take it all in and ending with the best line: “Shall we begin?”
  • The Hound seems to have found the sight. Will he believe now and join the Brotherhood in the quest to fight the dead? I’m wishing for a Arya-Hound-Melisandre meet up here.
  • Is Jaime Lannister afraid of Cersei? If not, do you ever see him switching sides?

Best Quotes from ‘Dragonstone’

“You’re a lucky man.” – Tormund Giantsbane
“I am going to kill the Queen” – Arya Stark
“It’s my fucking luck I end up with a band of fire worshippers” – Sandor Clegane “The Hound”
Shall we begin? – Daenerys Targaryen



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