Game of Thrones Fashion – The Royal Wedding!


For those of you who didn’t already know I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. This show has been one of my all time favorites since it first aired four years ago.

I am extremely excited Game of Thrones is back and week after week I look forward to enjoying my Sunday night hour of entertainment full of exhilarating plots with more then enough twists and turns. I love the complexity of the show, the dynamic, the characters, but above all I absolutely love the fashion. George R.R. Martin is not only an amazing story teller but his sense of fashion is quiet surprising.

Some of my book reader friends have mentioned that Mr. Martin would spend an entire chapter describing a character’s feelings on a particular outfit and to be honest this type of approach only adds to my deep obsession with the show. I love analyzing the details of the costumes worn by the royal family, just as much as I love the creativity of the ragged outfits worn in the north.

This week’s episode focused on the much anticipated wedding of Margaery Tyrell and King Joffrey. From HBO’s Behind the Scenes feature video, I expected Margaery’s dress to be unique and I have to admit that I was wowed. The silvery white vintage color of the dress, form fitted with an amazing back plunge was fresh and exciting. As the camera focused on the details I got a better look at the appliqué elements on the dress made of what seemed to resemble silver wires of thorns and rose leaves wrapped around Margaery’s body and contouring her beautiful curves. The dress train poured down with beautiful roses giving it a romantic feel. Dangerous yet delicate, the details used on Margaery’s dress were unexpected and told a story.

The entire ensemble was nothing short of perfection. Margaery’s hair-do was just as spectacular tying in the motifs of the dress creating shapes of beautiful petals.




This wedding was most definitely audacious in style and full of extravaganza. I would love to see an interpretation of this dress in a modern day approach for a cocktail occasion.

What do you think of my sketches inspired by this unique dress?

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