Game of Thrones ‘Breaker of Chains’ WTF moments

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3: Wisdom, Braavos & Sex!

Game of Thrones Breaker of Chains

Game of Thrones continues to pile on the suspects and delivers more questions than answers in this weeks episode. Instead of doing a recap let’s discuss the WTF moments.

The Suspect List Grows:

Lord Baelish
Well, this week’s Game of Thrones’ continues to add suspects to King Joffrey’s poisoning. Could Lord Baelish be the master mind behind this elaborate scheme that led to Joffrey’s death? Could he be in cahoots with the Tyrell’s to overthrow the Lannister’s?

‘Breaker of Chains’ begins with Sansa and Ser Dontos in a small boat headed out to sea when they come across a very eerie ship in the fog. This scene looked like it came straight out of The Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie. We get our first glance at the oh so pervy Little Finger pining after Sansa.

Baelish tells Sansa it was his plan to help her get out of King’s Landing by paying Ser Dontos to do it. Shortly after, Baelish has Ser Dontos killed, Red Wedding flash back, in front of Sansa as if she hasn’t witnessed enough! He tells Sansa, Ser Donots had to die, because a drunk fool with 10,000 gold coins could never be trusted, especially since the Lannister’s will assume her involvement in Joffrey’s death now that she’s disappeared. Seems like a threat Lord Baelish!

Did anyone catch Little Finger throwing Sansa’s necklace back in the boat with Ser Dontos’ body? Could their be ramifications of that necklace being found on him? That seemed fishy to me, like he was setting her up. Oh, Lord Baelish, you scheming bastard!

I briefly mentioned Tywin in last week’s write up as a suspect, and this episode only reinforced my thoughts. Though it’s unlikely that he really did kill Joffrey, he surely did take the opportunity to start molding Tommen. This was one of my favorite scenes, it was acted impeccably by Lena Headey and Charles Dance. Tywin has secured himself as an advisor to the new king as long as he lives. Very convenient of you Tywin!

What will the Tyrell’s role be in Tommen’s reign? Will Margaery be married to Tommen? What are your thoughts?

Justice Doesn’t Make a King

In Tywin’s 101 course to ‘Ruling the Seven Kingdoms’, he mentions a ‘just’ king is not necessarily the right way to rule a kingdom, which made me think of Stannis Baratheon. Stannis is my least favorite part of the series, and though he may have one of the best claims to the throne, we got a glimpse of what Stannis’ ‘just’ reign would look like.

Though not covered in depth in the Game of Thrones show, we know that Davos lost his fingers because Stannis wanted to do a ‘just’ punishment. Here’s the background: Davos as we know is one of Stannis’ most loyal subjects, he was punished for bringing smuggled food to Stannis’ during Robert’s Rebellion against the Targaryen’s. Stannis cut off four of Davos fingers for his smuggling crimes though he helped win the war.

Still think he’ll be a good king Stannis supporters?

Ygritte’s Dead…To Me

In the most WTF moment, Ygritte and the rest of her clan attack a peaceful settlement to draw out the Crows. We’ve seen Wildlings since season one, but something about this scene was so disturbing that I lost all hope that Ygritte would be one of the good guys. Wildlings are mostly described as primitive savages and barbarians, well people we now know why. I don’t think Ygritte can come back from this, she’s dead to me. Jon Snow you could have done so much better!

Was this disturbing to you? Did you like Ygritte as much as I did?

All The Emotions

I have to admit, I shed a few tears in Tyrion and Podrick’s exchange. The scene had so much despair in it, and it showed us how much trouble Tyrion really is in. Tywin doesn’t hesitate and takes advantage of the ‘family tragedy’ to bring in one of his biggest enemies into the fold, Prince Oberyn to be one of the judges in Tyrion’s trial.

Podrick tells Tyrion he has been approached to testify against him for a better title. There’s no question that Tyrion will most likely not get a fair trial. Tyrion tells Podrick to run and never come back. Tears are still rolling down my face.

This scene had an eerie resemblance to Ned Stark’s hopelessness. How will he get out of this?

Jaime & Cersei Sexy Time

I didn’t really want to discuss this moment even though there’s a huge controversy since the book covers this differently then the show. I’m not sure why there was a huge uproar over it, this show is shocking, that’s why it’s on HBO. I do believe that the show is better for changing things up. I haven’t read the books so I’m always surprised by Martin’s world, and I would think the book readers would enjoy some of the differences. did a break down of the scene if you would like to read it here.

Saving The Best For Last

Daenarys seems to end all the episodes in epic form. Her scenes are extraordinarily beautiful, and the cgi is movie quality, if not better. For a second there, I thought I popped in my Blu-Ray of Troy!

It seems that Dany will once again be fighting to conquer another city. As she addresses the people of Mereen she plants the seeds of an uprising saying, “your enemy is beside you,” and throwing the child’s restraints back into the city. What did you think of those flying crates?

If you are a book reader please don’t comment any spoiler text for us non-bookies. Until next week!


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