GAME OF THRONES The Watchers on The Wall Epic Moments

The Watchers on The Wall Epic Moments by Confession Girl

Love, brotherhood, and leaders are born in this week’ Thrones The Watchers on The Wall.

Last week’s emotional roller coaster ended with a devastating cliff hanger: will Tyrion escape, or will his head end-up on a pike? And in good ol’ Thrones fashion we’ll have to wait at least another week to know Tyrion’s fate. So, lets get going on this week’s The Watchers on The Wall’s epic battle scenes.

Sexy Time and Oath Breaking

Sam and Jon discuss the meaning of love and its effects on their oath. It looks like Sam has been hitting the books and studying up on the interpretations of what the Night’s Watch oath really means. Sam makes some great points and I think Jon should be listening. Sure they can’t marry, or father any kids, but no where in the oath does it say they can’t have an intimate relationship with a woman. Jon walks away a bit gloomy and says, “What did I get out of it? An arrow six inches from my heart.” Jon, do you not realize you just clearly described a relationship? Don’t you know anything Jon Snow?

Horns Blow

Ser Alliser Thorne actually won me over this week! What just happened? Seriously, how can a character that was an antagonizer all season long give the best speech of the night? I think it helped that we got a little insight into the reason why Thorne has been ‘rough around the edges’ towards Jon. Ser Alliser says, you always have someone second guessing a commander, but once the commander begins to second guess himself it’s all over.

Thorne rallies the troops and promises to keep Castle Black standing come dawn. And, I actually believe him. Though at this point I’ve been sitting on the edge of my sofa for 10 minutes.

Brave Hearts

Thenns, Giants, and Mammoths, oh my! The Watchers on The Wall director, Neil Marshall filmed some of the most beautiful aerial shots we’ve seen in Game of Thrones and spared no budget on the CGI. At one point we almost got a full 360 degree shot of all the battles raging on. The sequences were amazing and simply mesmerizing. But, with that said I feared for some our favorite characters.

Sam Tarly was the integral part of keeping the moral of the men hopeful. Sam helped Pyp continue to shoot arrows through his fear, he helped Olly maintain his position at the elevator, and he helped Jon discover his leadership role to hold off the wildlings on the South gate. All the while, I still feared for Sam’s life. Sam made a promise to Gilly that he would survive the battle, and we know in the world of Thrones you definitely don’t want to promise something you can’t keep. I surely thought Martin was going to give Sam a horrible death, but it was a relief to see him standing at the end of the battle.

In Memoriam

We lost some characters tonight and though they were not part of the main crop it hurt to see them go.

I was sad to see Pyp die in this episode, he had such an innocent quality to him. Then there was Grenn, and his six men. They were able to hold on to the gate and take down the giant, but were unable to survive to tell the tale.

Ygritte. Oh Ygritte, how I said you were dead to me and then you slightly redeemed yourself by letting Gilly go. Then this week you start talking about dangling Jon’s privates around your neck, I don’t know if your pyscho or just madly in love. Even with your craziness I hated seeing you die this week, and I knew it was inevitable. You were bad news for Jon and as the Maester said, “love is the death of our duty”. So we say goodbye to you.

And, finally the Best Unknown Character Kill of The Week goes to the giant that shot his arrow up the wall, hit a Watcher, and skyrocketed him pretty much to King’s Landing.

The Watchers on The Wall Best Quotes

“We’re all gonna die a lot sooner then I had planned” – Sam Tarly

“We can spend all night trading tales of lost loves, nothing makes the past a sweeter place to visit then the prospect of imminent death.” – Maester (Formally Aemon Targaryan)

“Might as well enjoy our last night, right boys? Light the fuckers up! Nock! Draw! Loose!” – Edd

“You know nothing Jon Snow” – Ygritte’s final words

Jon Snow please say you are not going on a suicide mission, because I really don’t know what I will do if you die too!

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