Game of Thrones: Who did it?

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Roundup. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop reading.

King Joffrey and Queen Margaery

How can something so good, not feel totally right? Yes, King Joffrey is dead, dead, dead. Now why are we not celebrating from the streets? Could it be that we are borderline masochist, and wanted him to suffer more then Theon, or did we hope that Arya Stark would get her ultimate revenge?

We could have been satisfied with King Joffrey’s death, if the Joff hadn’t decided to point his little puny finger towards Tyrion. As to mock us, and get his final laugh by taking down another beloved character before his final breath. What will become of Tyrion? Will he be able to outsmart his enemies? I don’t believe Tyrion was the culprit, but whom ever poisoned King Joffrey certainly set it up for him to take the fall. I haven’t read the books, so I am taking a few stabs at who poisoned King Joffrey.

Who Killed King Joffrey?

Tywin Lannister
Chance he did it: 10%

Method: Death by pigeon pie

Reasons: Tywin had a line that was coincidently foreshadowing his grandson’s demise, “People who spend their money on this [weddings] sort of nonsense tend not to have it for long.” Though Tywin does everything to further the Lannister line, would he kill his grandson to take the throne?

Why not kill three birds with one stone: kill a bad seed, take the throne, and mold the next king to keep the Lannister line stronger then it was before? Sounds like a good motive to me – more pie anyone?

Chance she did it: 1%

Method: Death by wine

Reasons: This only makes sense if my theory that Shae is somehow a mole posted by the Martell’s, as I mentioned in last week’s write up. However, Shae was no where near the reception when King Joffrey’s demise began. Unless she was in cahoots with Sansa (see below for more). But, again Tyrion did end things pretty suddenly, and very sadly I may add. I think she’s more worried why her “Lion” left her then poisoning the King.

For her sake and Tyrion’s, I hope she’s on a boat towards Pentos and not in some dungeon waiting for Tywin to arrive.

Sansa Stark
Chance she did it: 9%

Method: Death by wine

Reasons: Do I need to state the obvious? She’s the only Stark at the table. Yet, Cersei goes straight for Tyrion. One of the Lannister’s biggest faults is they underestimate their enemies. They underestimated Robb Stark, the Martell’s, and now could they be underestimating the slowly tortured Sansa? She did grab the wine goblet and hand it to Tyrion. She could have gotten the poison from Shae when she delivered a plate of food during the pre-wedding festivities. She also was wearing Ser Dontos necklace. Could their been a secret compartment filled with poison?

I think Sansa will become a stronger character this season, or at least I hope so. But, I don’t think she poisoned King Joffrey. She seemed genuinely surprised at his dying moment.

Ser Dontos
Chance he did it: 20%

Method: Death by pie

Reasons: Ser Dontos is suspicious in the manner of ‘when’ he shows up to rescue Sansa. He’s immediately at her side after the first cough. Did Ser Dontos have access to the pigeons inside the pie? Is he truly the King’s Fool, or did Joffrey’s mockery give him enough motivation to do the deed? Whether Ser Dontos did it, or play a part in it, he’s rescuing Sansa. Which to me seems like a better plan then hanging around King’s Landing and be tried for marrying a kingslayer!

Prince Oberyn Martell
Chance he did it: 30%

Method: Death by pie

Reasons: Revenge perfectly served over pie. Oberyn is certainly there to make his presence noticed, and what better way then to kill the king! He seems very confident throughout his stay in King’s Landing, almost as if his plan was going accordingly. We know he is seeking revenge for his sisters horrible death, which would make sense for his covert attack. Pinning the Lannister’s against themselves seems like a perfect way to take out your enemies, and in entertainable fashion. Sit back Oberyn and have your threesome with Ser Loras and Ellaria Sand.

Lady Olenna Tyrell
Chance she did it: 30%

Method: Death by wine, and just in case add the pigeon pie

Reasons: No one knows pies like grandma. Re-watching the episode it’s quite interesting how much they focus on the Queen of Thrones. She is portrayed as a bold woman, and like Tywin she controls the fortunes of the Tyrell family line. We know she can go toe to toe with just about anyone, but what is her motive for killing King Joffrey? Margaery wouldn’t be queen without a proper ‘seal the deal’ bedding ceremony, right?

However, she did not approve of the Ser Loras and Cersei match, could this be the reason? Lady Olenna would have the opportunity to add the poison in the pie, but that could be ineffective. Was she suspiciously close to King Joffrey’s wine goblet throughout the reception? What about her best line of the episode, does it give way to her boldness, “Who would kill a man at a wedding? Only a monster!”

Interesting, very interesting! Who do you think killed King Joffrey? If you’re a book reader please don’t spoil for us non-book readers.


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