Gina Biggs’ Brave New World Themed Webcomic Is a Must Read

Gina Biggs’ New Webcomic Love Not Found

Gina Biggs’ Brave New World Themed Webcomic 'Love Not Found' Is a Must Read

Art & Story by Gina Biggs

I am completely new to webcomics (online comics or Internet comics), so I was glad when i09 ran an article on Gina Biggs’ new comic series titled Love Not Found. What intrigued me most about the comic was its similarity to one of my favorite books, Brave New World.

In Love Not Found, Biggs sets her comic in the future where humans have no need to engage in any kind of physical contact for communication, romance or procreation, machines do all the work!

Abeille, who recently moved to a Monotopa for a change in her life, finds herself adjusting to this new way of life. Though she might be a little lonely she seems content, until the day she runs into Miel, literally touching and all. Since touching is not a sensation Monotopaians exercise, this begins to unravel both our characters into a journey of misadventures, exploration and romance.

Love Not Found is a sweet story about self discovery and love. Biggs uses beautiful pale pinks and soft browns colors that really show off her plant-based planet and the developing relationship between Abeille and Miel. In the three chapters so far released, I’ve become a huge addict. I find myself on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday glued to my Vienna reader for the latest page update. Hope you check it out and fall in love with Love Not Found as I did. Let me know what you think!

If you become or are already a Gina Biggs’ fan you can also help support her comics here at Patreon.

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[Gina Biggs’ work: Red String and Love Not Found]

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