Is Google your best friend when it comes to finding exactly what you’re looking for?


As an avid reader of Elle and Vogue I stumble upon articles and stories that are inspiring and motivating. One particular story got me so excited and I felt the need to share it with our CG readers. The story was featured by Chrysler 200 and it was titled “New American Success Stories” in Elle’s October 14 No. 350 issue.

In this story we were introduced to Sarika Doshi, CEO and Founder of Rank & Style, a company that started out of a need to find and compare beauty and fashion products based on blog posts, editor recommendations and user reviews. Since discovering, I personally have found it be an extremely useful tool when shopping online. Until Rank & Style, if I wanted to try a new product I would go to the company website and then straight to amazon to read real customer reviews as opposed to product reviews on the company’s site (which as we all know are monitored reviews; meaning you will most likely only find positive comments). For more inspiring stories, like Sarika’s check out:

Shopping for different products or services online can be daunting. Sure google is extremely helpful, but most times then not, I find the search engine to be an insufficient and frustrating tool, since result pages are overwhelming and not the easiest way to find exactly what you’re looking for. I mean seriously, how many times do you find yourself typing an entire sentence into google’s search field in efforts to be more specific? Not to mention, the fact that Google will display different results to different people based on your search history and online activity. Many times, I find myself saying: “There has to be an easier way!”

Recently, I experienced a similar level of frustration that got me angry when googling performing art schools throughout the country, as I have been on a mission to find and compare different art schools that will further my daughter’s education and talent.

A search for products or services with today’s technology and resources should not take an hour or longer before you feel confident with the information you are being presented in helping you make the right decision(s).

Unless I am not aware of sites and tools that are already available for things like, comparing:
• schools based on rankings, interest (or major) and other criteria
• different food products based on brand, certification or nutrition value
• restaurant rankings
• services for your home or business

Yelp is not a trustworthy source when it comes to restaurant experiences or services.
Here’s the reason why. Check out these articles:

Maybe I am anxious to live in a world where technology truly simplifies our lives, as depicted in the movie Her.

Here’s another helpful site I discovered straight from the pages of my favorite publications:  – a site that helps you discover and book amazing things to do

I love this French Model Commercial from State Farm:

Please share with us sources you find to be more helpful then a simple goggle search.

Thank you CG fans.

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