The Greatest Game Ever Played, But You Missed It

Greatest Game Ever Played Mike Trout Confession Girl

You realized you missed the greatest game, do you change your ways?

I love sports. I may not know all the players or live by the stats, but I can tell you that I love my teams. Last night, my favorite baseball team, the Angels, were down 3 to 5 at the bottom of the 8th inning. I turned the game off.

I love watching baseball, but even for me there are times that I’ll change the channel, get too tired, or lose hope that my team will pull it off. I’m notorious for that, and I hate that I give up too easy at times. But I know I’m not alone. For whatever the reason I or you, end up not catching the end of the game, we may need to rethink our strategy for our entertainment value.

In the morning, groggy I checked my phone and there were a few text messages from the night before saying, “did you see that comeback tonight?” CRAP!

That awful feeling that you just missed something special sinks in. You missed your team win and beat the odds!

Last night, Mike Trout hit his first career walk-off home run ending the game with a 6 to 5 victory for the Angels over the Tampa Bay Rays. It wasn’t for a championship, it was simply a great ending to a team that I love. I had missed a moment in sports, that sure I can watch on YouTube, but there’s nothing like living through that anticipation of: will they or won’t they.

Sports are the best drama on TV

You check the scores in the morning just in case, and you find out that your best player won the game! I always see people leaving games early if their teams are losing. I get it, if you’re a fan of your team you don’t want to see them get slaughtered. But, don’t they need your support in those final minutes to rally? Do they need our encouragement? I think the answer is yes!

Here’s the ending of the Angels vs the Rays last night.

An Awesome Comeback I’m Glad I Didn’t Miss

For me one of the greatest comebacks I witnesses was back in September of 2006. The San Diego Padres were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was the bottom of the 9th inning, Dodgers were down 4 runs. Sure, this game was over, most of the fans had left the building, but for some odd reason I kept watching the game.

Coming up to bat was Jeff Kent, he hits a home run. You think, all right these guys are professionals they can do that obviously, but they are still down three runs.

Next batter comes up, J.D. Drew, he hits a home run. Now your brain is telling you, wow thats pretty awesome too bad they are still down two runs. Maybe they can rally.

At this point the announcer says fans are trying to come back into the stadium to see the finish of this game. The Padres ask for their closer Hoffman to warm up and a commercial break occurs. You’re thinking, “ah they’ll lose their momentum now”. The game comes back and the pitcher is on the mound.

Hoffman faces Russell Martin, he also hits a home run! Now I’m sitting at the edge of my couch saying, “holy crap, this would suck if they can’t pull it off”.

Next batter comes up to the plate, you can see he’s having some kind of inner dialogue to calm himself down. Marlon Anderson the fourth batter of the inning swung at the first pitch and hit another high-deep ball into the right bleachers. The Dodgers tied the game!

For me, I wasn’t a fan of either team, but definitely a fan of the great game. How couldn’t you stand up and cheer for this amazing comeback? You’re screaming, “how the hell did they just do that”. Most of their fans had walked away because it seemed hopeless, but I got to see the end of this great game.

The Dodgers came back to win after being down four runs in the 9th, and then another walk-off home run in the 10th by Nomar Garciaparra.

To bring this full circle. I love my Angels, but last night I gave up on them. I went to bed instead of sitting on the couch and having faith that my team would come back. I guess I learned my lesson. Never give up on your team. If you love your team and the sport, make sure you watch until the end. You never know what will happen. They just might blow your mind and end up watching the greatest game that ever was played!

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