Your Guide To Chilled Red Wine

No longer a faux pas to serve chilled red wine –

No longer a faux pas to serve chilled red wine

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to drink chilled red wine? I’ll admit, I have turned up my nose in the past when a friend’s done this faux pas. Who puts red wine in the refrigerator, or dare I say on ice! However, the last few months dealing with some crazy heat waves, I have not been able to enjoy my red wine. That is, until I broke my own cardinal rule…chilling that nice bottle of red.

I’ve learned that not all red wine is created equal. Dun dun duuuun! So, I’ve tried a few varietals of red wine chilled and compiled a navigating guide to chilling your next bottle of red.

Which Red Is Best Served Cold

First you need to know which varietal is best served chilled. Light-bodied red wine like a Pinot Noir is typically a better varietal to try. These wines have an excellent mixture of fruit, earthiness and spice that allows the flavor profile to exude even though it’s chilled. The only draw back, is finding a well priced and good tasting Pinot that won’t break your wallet. Plus your experimenting so try an everyday style pinot noir like Bogle or Gnarly Head.

Another type of red wine that should be served cold is a Lambrusco. I just heard about this Italian wine a couple years ago. Lambrusco is a pretty light-bodied sparkling red wine that is sometimes on the sweeter side. Though I’ve tried this wine before and serving it cold goes naturally with the Lambrusco its often hard to find a decent one to try. However, the sparkling sweet Lambrusco can sometimes be very refreshing on a hot autumn day. For a better guide on which Lambrusco you should choose read Huffington Post’s The Best Lambrusco And Sparkling Red Wines.

Let us know, have you tried another varietal that you’ve enjoyed chilled?

When Is Too Cold?

A typical refrigerator runs about 35º ferinheight, which is still too cold for even your white wines. Typically, your white wine should be served at about 43º to 50º and your red wine served at 55º to 63º. Most of us do not follow these rules, we just open our bottles and start enjoying.

Unless you have a wine cellar or a wine cooler it’ll be difficult to serve your wine at the appropriate temperature. However, I wouldn’t worry too much. If you are going through a heat wave stick your wine in the refrigerator, open your wine, pour yourself a glass, and start sipping. By the time you reach the end it will be the perfect temp!

Tools of the Trade

Okay maybe the Guzzle Buddy isn’t real, or at least I don’t think it is, but there are great products to help keep your wine preserved, chilled and refreshing to the palate. Here are my favorite:

1. Savino Wine Savor Carafe

Sometimes you just want one glass and what do you do with the rest of your wine. Stoppers can work for a limited time but what if you could keep your wine for up to a week without losing the wines integrity would you jump on that? I know I would!

2. Corkcicle Air Wine Chiller and Aerator

Chill. Aerate. Pour. It can’t get any easier than this! If you are still anti-chilling your red wine this is a good alternative to getting your red wine to the appropriate temp.

3. Electric Wine Cooler

If you love wine like I do, investing in a wine cooler is pretty appropriate, though I can never keep it stocked! An electric wine cooler keeps your wine chilled and safe from heat. Nothing is worse then opening up a bottle of wine and having it go rancid because of improper storing.

Please share your favorite ways you enjoy your wine in the comments below!

Happy wine-ing!
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