Happy Birthday John Madden. Boom, Brett Favre & Turducken


Since I was a little girl I was thrown into the sport of ‘watching sports’. My father was a national soccer player for a little country in Central America, which of course meant soccer was not only a passion, but a ‘must watch’ at all hours of the morning and night. Especially during a World Cup year. My brother and uncle loved American Football, which meant my cartoon watching hours dwindled to nearly no TV time. So I adapted!

It would be years before I really understood the game of football. It was in the early 90’s that the Green Bay Packers picked up, what we may now call, one of the greatest players that would ever play the game – Brett Favre. I can’t tell you what it was, or why I picked the green and yellow as my team, but I did. If you look at the early footage of Favre in Atlanta there was not particularly anything special about him. If anything his first touchdown was for the other team, which so happen to be the Redskins, my brother and uncle’s favorite team, of all teams. Yet, I wasn’t the only one who became enamored with Brett. And, like some of John Madden’s broadcasting I have dedicated his Happy Birthday article more to Brett Favre then him. HA!

If you watched any football from 79’ to 2008, then you were a witness to the dynamic broadcasting of John Madden. “There is one thing football fans have agreed on for decades: they all love John Madden,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said when Madden retired from doing game telecasts. “John was a Hall of Fame coach [Raiders] before becoming one of the most-celebrated personalities in sports. He has an incredible talent for explaining the game in an unpretentious way that made it so enjoyable for me.

So, here’s to one of the guys that made me love the game of football. Glad we had the same passion for Brett Favre! I raise my glass and wish you a happy birthday. BOOM

TV moments:

The Bucket

John Madden Bootleg

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