Heartbreaking or Boring The Walking Dead Them Ep 510

The Walking Dead Them Episode 510

The Walking Dead goes Boyhood on us. Sure, we don’t see the group age twelve years, but the daily routine of surviving could be either categorized as overly heartbreaking or boring depending on your opinion of Sunday nights episode, Them.

The group continues on the slow journey to Washington, running out of gas in every which way imaginable – emotionally, physically and mechanically. The question served up in last night’s Them episode, is how much will they want to survive, and are they willing to fight for it? Let’s discuss some of our favorite moments.

Running on Empty

The Grimes group is looking more weathered then ever, Maggie is blue lipped, Daryl is eating earthworms, and Sasha is looking at bloated frogs with the possibility of sucking one down. They are disjointed and bickering amoung themselves. Maggie takes out her anger, frustration and thirst on Father Gabriel telling him not to forget what he did to his flock. Did you think Maggie was too hard on Father Gabriel? For how long does he atone for his mistakes?

On the other hand, Sasha is looking to take out her anger on some walkers, but nearly taking out Michonne and Abraham in the process. I really enjoyed the bridge scene, we get the feeling that the Grimes group is on that breaking point, but they can’t even physically beat the walkers. So, instead they have to use their brains for a change. However, Sasha just wants to slash and use up all her energy to get her rage out.

Then there’s Daryl, who is alientating himself from the group at every turn. Carol follows him into the woods (without the singing of course), but in a very tender and not sexual way, (darn) she kisses him on the forehead and says, “I know you. You have to feel it.” There were probably about a million women crying when Daryl finally breaks down near the barn.

Friend of Foe

Beyond the fact that Them focused on the despair of the group, and the episode mostly moved at a lethargic pace, the group found something alarming. Rick gives Daryl the paper they found with the water in the middle of the road. A new threat? How would anyone in The Walking Dead world think that you can trust a note that says, “Friend,” and not think their’s poison in it?

(Aside note: How easy would it be to get poison? Would you have to process it? Would you need a botanist? Couldn’t they just see if the seals were still in place? End of aside).

Who is watching them? After encountering so many evil groups, can they trust anyone? But, if they want to live in a community won’t they have to start trusting people? Just like everything in The Walking Dead, a little bit of hope is soon showered, (see what i did there), with misery and danger. A perfectly needed storm turns into thunder, lightening and what is my favorite we-will-never-see-moment, a Zombnado is about to hit them.

No matter how depressed or on the brink the Grimes group is, they will find the will to fight for each other and hopefully survive.

I thought this barn scene was shot chaotically beautiful and really made us feel the danger that was outside those doors. Could the Grimes group rise from the ashes? Well, the Zombnado surely got the ass whopping here.


Our episode ends with a tender moment between Maggie and Sasha. The hardest part of living is living for those that have passed. Maggie winds the ballerina jewelry box that Daryl fixed, but it doesn’t work. Here pops in a new character. He calls himself Aaron and wants to be brought to their leader, “Rick is it?” Then the music box music starts up, ummm did we just enter the Twilight Zone!

How does he know? Is he with Morgan? And, if so why is Morgan not with him? He did seem very immaculate in his clean clothes, just like Morgan looked at the end of episode 501. We’ll see next week I hope.

Episode 510 – Them Favorite Lines
“We fought to be here. We have to keep fighting.” – Glenn
“I don’t know if I am going to make it” – Noah
“Some people can’t give up. Like us.” – Carol
“We tell ourselves that we are the walking dead. To stay alive.” – Rick
“We ain’t them.” – Daryl

I leave you with a sneak peek of next week’s episode:

Inside Episode 510: The Walking Dead – Them


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