Highlights from Game of Thrones, S4 E1 “Two Swords”


The first episode of Game of Thrones finally aired! Our favorite characters have survived the first episode except for GoT’s continued torment of Ned Stark’s head loss back in season one. We got the final nail in the coffin, by none other than Tywin Lannister. Tywin melts down the coveted Stark heirloom, Ned’s “oversized” sword into two. I took my Blood and Fire ale, and poured a little out, “for the Starks”. Man it still hurts, but at least Arya is kicking some ass!

Since there’s tons of recaps out there, I wanted to focus more on my favorite moments. I haven’t read the books, so there shouldn’t be any spoilers. Well unless you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode, which in that case there’s tons of spoilers below!

Here are my favorite moments of “Two Swords” in no particular order:

Dany & Her Dragons

The dragons have grown quite a bit since last season, and it looks like Dany may have a hard time taming these beasts. Can they all survive without being harmed in some way? The look on Khaleesi’ face in the picture above says otherwise. Yikes!

Prince Oberyn Martell

Since I am not to happy with Mr. Tywin for his massacre-scheming ways at the Frey Towers, any character that wants him dead is good in my book! I mean a guy that can say the line, “the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts,” and completely spoke Tyrion, is definitely someone you don’t want to mess with. I am very excited to see more of this character. Assuming that we get a wedding the next episode, I have a feeling Oberyn will have a big role, or at least I hope so, they don’t call him The Red Viper for nothing, right?

Cannibalistic Thenns

Who would have thought that cannibalism would be making a comeback? Whaaaat! It’s pretty interesting that the two biggest shows on TV right now, [The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones] have some sort of cannibalism threatening our favorite characters. But, if I had to choose which ones would be cozier, I think i would take my chances at Terminus.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what role these “crow eating” enemies will play at Castle Black. Will this be the driving force for Ygritte to join Jon? Let’s hope so, because I don’t think Jon could survive another confrontation with her!

What’s Up With Shae?

I didn’t think there was anything shady about Shae until this last episode. I’ve been meaning to go back to season one to re-watch Tyrion’s first encounter with Shae to see if my suspicions continue. But until then, here are my thoughts.

Last season when Vary’s tried to give Shae a bag full of diamonds to leave King’s Landing, for her and Tyrion’s protection, she adamantly refuses. I thought, well she really does love him. She feels that she could control herself enough to keep them both protected.

However, after Sunday’s episode all kinds of red flags came bursting up! I start thinking about all the times Tyrion explained to Shae what will happen if they are discovered, for goodness sake she saw how cruel Cersei could be to Sansa. Going into Tyrion’s bed chamber was the final straw, she’s being too careless to not be suspicious. If Shae truly loves Tyrion she would have left with Vary’s diamonds.

Could she be a spy? Could the Martell’s have planted Shae for Oberyn to revenge his sister’s death? Interesting, very interesting! Your thoughts?

Arya’s Revenge & The Hound

A little disturbing, but mostly enthralled with Arya’s change for this season. Like Sansa, she has been through the wringer. Though, I have a feeling Arya has the inkling to go way, way dark on her revenge path. I have a feeling we’ll be running into The Hound’s brother ‘The Mountain’ sometime soon, and do hope little pint size Arya will be able to defeat this monster! But if they don’t, will the Hound leave Arya with her crazy aunt? My guess is they’ll stick together until one’s demise. Damn, I love this show!

Well, there you have it. What did you think of Sunday’s episode?

Tune In,

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