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Versace – True Story, Missed Opportunity & Hopes for the Future

Versace is one of my top high fashion designers of all time. I love the detail of the Versace clothes, the artistry and the genius behind the glamorous and edgy aesthetic. Donatella Versace has continued to wow us taking Gianni’s legacy to a new level with amazing fit, simple yet unique cuts and exotic fabrics. Versace, the brand, stays true to Gianni’s vision to make women feel empowered, sexy and nothing short of godly perfection. The lifetime original movie House of Versace did an amazing job telling the story of Gianni’s tragic death and Donatella’s struggles coping with her brother’s loss, as well as her strength in gaining back control over the Versace empire. This movie is inspiring and most of all makes you feel part of the world of fashion. I enjoyed the movie so much that I think I must’ve watched it at least three times, and so I had to share it with you.

Back in 2011 H&M launched the affordable Versace collection. Two hours after the collection hit stores the entire line was sold out and I was left feeling disappointed to have missed the only opportunity to honor my own clothing collection with some Versace. I have since hoped that Versace would once again collaborate with H&M or any other fashion retail chain to create more fashion magic. As a true Versace fan I am dedicating my blog post to the best fashion artist duo,  Gianni & Donatella and I plea that House of Versace collaborate once again to bring back beautiful affordable pieces. Pretty PLEASE!

From the Hardcover edition.
House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival – Deborah Ball

Versace. The very name conjures up images of outrageous glamour and bold sexuality, opulence and daring. All of course true, but only half the story. Versace is also the legacy of a great creative genius from a poor, backward part of southern Italy who transformed the fashion world through his intuitive understanding of both women and how a changing culture influenced the way they wanted to dress. The first book in English about the legendary designer, House of Versace shows how Gianni Versace, with his flamboyant sister Donatella at his side, combined his virtuosic talent and extraordinary ambition to almost single-handedly create the celebrity culture we take for granted today.

HOUSE OF VERSACE TRAILER from Jeremy Dann-Soury on Vimeo.

Here are my favorite Versace for H&M looks.

House of Versace

House of Versace


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The Complete Versace For H&M Lookbook


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