What’s Really Behind The Curtain of a Male Strip Club? Joe Manganiello directs La Bare Documentary

Joe Manganiello La Bare Documentary Film

La Bare documentary by Joe Manganiello. Main Street Films

My neighbor, Amy, myself, and K.Lo have been huge fans of True Blood since the show’s first season. We have enjoyed talking about our favorite characters and our infatuations with True Blood male actors, especially Joe Manganiello.

Following his ventures, we decided to watch Magic Mike. Though the movie brought mixed reviews within our group, we later found that Magic Mike was the inspiration for Joe’s next project. During Joe’s research for Magic Mike, he was captivated by the misconceptions people have of the male stripper lifestyle. In so, Joe began his project “La Bare”. Joe’s documentary peels back the curtain to show the real stories behind a male stripper’s life, debunk some of the stereotypes, and of course show us the real magic behind the show.

Never having been to a male strip club before, I was surprised how much the stories of the La Bare dancers fascinated me. I didn’t particularly care too much for the movie Magic Mike, however there was something about the life of a male stripper that I wanted to know more about.

I had certain misconceptions about male strip clubs, even some of my girlfriends who had seen these shows repeatedly said the men had to be gay! To satisfy my curiosity I decided to watch La Bare. Joe’s documentary gives us a glimpse behind the scenes and shows that many of the stereotypes are in fact untrue.

If you are like me and have never had the opportunity to visit a male strip club before, don’t hesitate to see this documentary. After all there’s a first for everything and this documentary will definitely wipe away any hesitations, or misconceptions you may have had.

Confession Girl interviewed Jerred Fulbright, a.k.a. J.D., one of the men featured in La Bare. I asked J.D. since I had never been to a male strip club before what would the men do to help me enjoy my first time at La Bare? J.D. answered, “Most of the guys will go out of there way to make sure the girls are having a good time. For them it’s part of their job to make sure the women are comfortable and enjoying the show.” What girl wouldn’t want that, right?

I think today more then ever, we have many options of entertainment. Though I don’t know of any entertainment out there where you get this type of personalized attention – especially if you are celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or as J.D. shockingly told us about the increasing popularity of Divorce parties! That may need to be a whole other post.

Tell us, have you’ve been to a male strip club before?

La Bare is available for pre-order in iTunes and can be downloaded on Tuesday, August 19, 2014.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Really Behind The Curtain of a Male Strip Club? Joe Manganiello directs La Bare Documentary

  1. Actually, I go to LaBare all the time. Use to be once a week, but do to an increase in work hours I no longer have the time or strength to do so. I am the shy girl who would sit in the corner, my best friend however, total opposite. I sat qutietly watching (and blushing) at everything she did. I couldn’t find the courage to look any of the 20+ guys in the face. So I am sitting there, and it’s getting late so my bff is like “you need to pick someone. you cannot have come all the way here to do nothing” I simply smile and look down. She is right. It had been my idea to visit the club in the 1st place cause we needed a good girls night. While I was sitting there trying to decided what I was gonna do, I glanced up to see a VERY good looking man on one of the side stages. He was a good dancer, with good timing and perfectly timed with the song playing (closer to god) he did and incredible body roll, followed by this amazing thing he did with his hips. I was dumbfounded and staring….my bff, saw me and dragged me to him, literaly. He was warm and friendly and has the best smile. His name is Cesar, he still works there and was in the movie. Everytime I go, that smile greets me with same warmth as the 1st time. After we started going more offten he helpped me slowly come out of my shell. He is very talented, very creative and very good looking! If ever given the chance I recommend going, it’s not the kind of thing most people do once a week lol but for special occasions or just a good girls night it is great.

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