Let’s Get Real, Running Is Hard

Running is hard by Confession Girl

Running is hard, it’s just the simple truth. If someone is telling you otherwise they are just lying. It’s called a workout for a reason.

I was recently reading an article about the anti-runners movement, which basically calls out runners as the ‘ex-smokers’ of the sports world. I try to be conscious of my running sharing, but it got me thinking. Why are anti-runners so unhappy?

They are tired of seeing our 13.1 or 26.2 stickers, sharing our running miles on social media, and the sharing of how good we feel after a run. What this article fails to mention is the reason we love to share this information…running is f-ing hard! It doesn’t get easier, you are always pushing your body to stay healthy and fit. With every sport it’s going to be hard, if it weren’t we’d all be walking around looking like super models.

Not too long ago I told myself I would be crazy to run a half marathon. “I don’t know how you do it,” I would say to my boyfriend. “I’ll stick to my couple miles and you can go ruin your body running those long distances,” I’d say to him. What I didn’t know, that I too would become one of those 13.1 mile sticker loving, social media sharer, runner people.

Why I signed up for a half marathon?

There’s three reasons why I jumped in head first instead of dabbling in with a toe.

The first, a perfect race landed right into my lap. I came across a friends Facebook post where she shared her entry to the Tinker Bell runDisney event. Visions of running through Disneyland immediately ran through my head. Without a second thought I went to the event site and I was hooked. My new motto, “Don’t knock it, until you tried it.”

The second reason was pretty easy, I had a good friend who was also crazy enough to sign up with me. BB had learned about the Tink Half from another Facebook post, and well at this point it just seemed like fate.

Lastly, I couldn’t wait to run in a costume with a sparkly skirt. I know silly, right? The costume added another level of fun that made the run so doable for BB and I. Whatever your reasons are, it’s important that you stay positive! Whether it’s a costume, a friend, or simply wanting to cross it off your bucket list, its no easy feat, but it’s all about getting out there.

It’s been exactly a year since we started our training, and now we are looking forward to our next race in January. Though running is part of my life now, it hasn’t gotten much easier. I still have to talk myself to change into my running gear after a long day at work, or to continue running that extra half mile.

You will have bad runs, and you will have amazing runs. Why does this happen? I don’t know. BB and I talk about it all the time, maybe we didn’t eat right that day, or we just weren’t mentally prepared for it. Whatever the reason, we have to pick ourselves up and go out there and run again. Remember it’s not supposed to be easy. If it were, then we would all be in perfect shape. Get off the couch, if running isn’t your thing find something that will get you moving like Yoga, swimming, or rowing. There’s ton of free classes just do a google search.

What gets you out there and motivated? Let us know!

Stay Healthy,

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Karen is one of the founders at Confession Girl, loves drinking wine, craft beer, reading and running. Studied nutrition and sport injury at University of Santa Barbara, but decided to follow a passion in creative. Follow me on Twitter @confessiongirl2

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