Mother Earth Brewing Co Kismet IPA Review

Mother Earth Brewing Co Kismet IPA Review Beer, Movie and Homemade Pizza

Beer, Movie and Pizza

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last thirsty Thursday brew post and what better way to start it up again then with Mother Earth Brew Co. Kismet IPA. It’s time to relax, drink a brew and watch a movie.

Brewer’s Notes:
Do you believe in fate, destiny, chance, will? Does it really matter? Something brought you to drink this beer. Oh wait, could it be a mad man of an IPA that reeks of NZ Nelson hops and leaves a lingering anesthetic bitterness that is sure to ruin any beer consumed after it? Columbus tends to do that. You forgot what we were talking about didn’t you? Did you care in the first place? That’s what we thought. Just relax and savor every sip, that is, if you can take your schnoz out of your glass.

Brewing Company: Mother Earth
Name: Kismet
Style: American Indian Pale Ale
Alcohol: 7.2% by volume
Location: Vista, California

My Tasting Notes

I’ve traveled to San Diego a few times for beer tours and have not had the pleasure of visiting Mother Earth Brew Co. Wow, do I feel like I have been missing out. Kismet pours a hazy golden-brown with big head and definitely loads of lacing on the glass.

Great hops on the nose full of citrus, grapefruit specifically, and those hops…man those hops! The taste is sweet, malty and hoppy everything you would want from an American style Indian pale ale. If there was a drawback, if you want to call it a drawback, the bitterness is very minimal. There’s a lot of flavor coming out of this beer, but great smoothness at the finish. I thought Kismet just had a great balance of hops and smooth taste on the tongue. Please go out and try this beer right now! I haven’t been this excited for a beer in a while. This is my new Go-To, sorry Stone.

Have you tried Mother Earth’s Kismet IPA? Let me know what you think!

The Movie: Contact (1997)

“I’m okay to go. I’m okay to go.” These famous movie lines were being muttered on my TV when I opened the Kismet IPA. It’s one of those movies you get engrossed in and can’t turn the channel. Lucky for me, it was on demand and started watching from the beginning while enjoying my new favorite brew. The cast is pretty impressive, Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Skerritt, and Angela Bassett to name a few.

Story of a young scientist, Dr. Ellie Arroway played by Jodie Foster, trying to to prove that life exists beyond our little planet, that we are not alone in this world. When she gets her chance politicians (Tom Skirrett) and religious leaders try to steal her work. Plus, Matthew McConaughey plays a priest that has some questionable morals by sleeping with Dr. Arroway, but hey it’s Matthew, so we accept it!

At the end, it seems that it takes a little bit of faith to believe in what we can not see. How much do you love this film? Share in your comments below!

PepperoniBasilPizzaThe Food: Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza! I have not had the best cooking week, so I decided to cheat this week. I got a Boboli crust from the store, a can of tomato paste, fresh basil fresh parmesan cheese to grade and of course pepperoni from the deli. To spice it up a bit I added sliced onions and jalepeno’s. Throw in the oven for 15-20 minutes, slice and serve! Voila, you got an evening of pizza, beer and a movie.

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