Too Much Hope Makes Rick Angry

TheDistance Episode 511

Our Top Three Moments From The Distance Episode 511

So, their obviously is not a ‘right way’ to approach a group in the apocalypse, but you might want to avoid any kind of dance jokes unless you want to get popped in the face by Rick Grimes. Was it just me or didn’t you get the urge to shout, “In the face” at the television? Ha, no? Okay, let’s discuss our favorite moments of The Distance.

Michonne vs. Rick

Now, we have seen Rick become a dictator at the end of season two, and a ghost-seeing mad man in season three, but never an angry paranoid. Though Aaron had a capital D on his forehead for his, ‘don’t trust me since I am clean as a whistle in the middle of an apocalypse’ look, but I am not sure he deserved the punch-in-face routine either. Yes, the Grimes group has fought off cannibals, rapists and sociopath leaders in the past, but as Michonne earnestly pointed out, they are, “People who take in a priest, a girl who rolled up with the governor, and saved a crazy lady with a sword.”

The Distance did an excellent job of showing Rick and Michonne’s struggle with Aaron’s message of hope. Michonne is our new moral center as Rick continues down a paranoia path of everyone-is-out-to-kill-us routine, but the group begins to side with Michonne as Aaron story checks out more and more.

You can see that Michonne is pushing for the group to believe in Aaron’s story because in her heart she knows the group needs this. All the while, Rick’s decisions become more frustrating and even Glenn at one point tries to reason with Rick to lighten up.

Until our group arrives at Aaron’s community, do you see the relief in both Rick and Michonne’s faces, but I think for different reasons. Rick hears the voices of kids playing on the other side of the wall and the viewer gets to witness Rick’s first sign of hope in the extreme close up of his eyes. For Michonne she needed the confirmation that picking up the leadership role was not endangering the group. For me Carol said it best, “Even though you were wrong, you are still right.”

So, was Rick being too paranoid? Is Michonne to hopeful?


Jolly oh Aaron tries to lighten the mood at every turn during this episode, but Rick doesn’t want any part of it! The Grimes group have discovered, so far, that everything Aaron has said is true until…dun dun dun. Yup, Michonne is suspicious at the fact that there is no people in Aaron’s pictures. She asks Rick if they asked him The Questions! Aaron begins to answer the questions a little squirmy and discover that Aaron had been listening to them as well as spying.

[Side Note: Wouldn’t any person in their right mind trying to recruit, do the same thing? End of side note]

But, paranoid Rick thinks it’s an ambush. Before they can do anything about it, there’s a juicy splash on the windshield of the car, followed by dozens and dozens of zombie guts.

The car stops only to notice that the camper is no longer behind them. A flare lights up the sky next to a water tank and Aaron begins to freak the f out. I was confused by this scene for a couple reasons. We are to assume the flare means, a very specific thing to Aaron, which we discover later that it must have meant that Eric was in trouble. However, the scene after they kill all the walkers, it is Rick that says let’s go towards the origin of the flare not Aaron. Wouldn’t Aaron still be freaking the f out because his boyfriend was in trouble?  Wasn’t he trying to escape the Grimes group to get to Eric? Let me know what you thought of that. My suspicion flag is still up people!

Though your trust in Aaron wavers continuously throughout the episode it seems that by the end you are left with some hope. But the funny thing about hope in the apocalypse, it doesn’t seem to last long.

Can Aaron truly offer the Grimes group an actual sanctuary?

Remembering Dale

Did anyone tear up just a bit when they saw the camper? One of my favorite characters of The Walking Dead was Dale and I still believe he was killed off to soon. So, I raise my giant wine glass and pour a drop out for my favorite moral center character – I love you Dale! You are still missed.

Other Tidbits

  • My favorite scene of the night was the arial shot of the car ramming through the walkers. Seemed like it was straight out of the comic book!
  • Did anyone think Glenn was going to die in this episode from the preview?
  • Twice did I want to shout at the television, “In the face” mainly the zombie who got the flare in the eye.
  • I have a feeling Rick is going to need that gun in the blender. No place is safe, The Walking Dead is no place for sunshine and rainbows.

Best Quotes from The Distance Episode 511:
“You’re survivors” – Aaron
“We can handle ourselves. So, that’s what we are going to do.” – Michonne
“Just because we are good people, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to kill you” – Rick
“Even though you were wrong, you are still right.” – Carol

I leave you with the behind the scenes of The Distance episode 511 and a sneak peek of next week’s episode.


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