The Music Ended On The Walking Dead Coda Episode 508

The Walking Dead Coda Episode 508 Recap

The Walking Dead Midseason Finale’s Best Moments

Sunday night’s episode was a slow build up to an intense showdown between our Grimes group and Dawn’s hell hospital. The Walking Dead, ‘Coda’ reunites some of our characters for a very brief moment, and an even less moment of relief, before we had to say goodbye to someone. Let’s discuss our favorite moments of episode 508.

Rick’s Shut Up Line
The opening sequence in this episode was definitely one of my favorite openings. It reminded me of season 3 premiere ‘Seed,’ the way it was shot and directed. Silent for the most part, but the mission was clear – Officer Lamson messed with the wrong people.

The first scenes are just of Rick’s running feet and Officer Bob Lamson’s hands trying to remove his restrains. Rick stabs a walker across the stomach and jumps into the cop car to chase after Lamson. Rick tells him to stop, but he doesn’t. Rick runs him over, throwing him feet in front of the car. This is definitely a different Rick, he is not taking crap from anyone any longer! Lamson tells Rick he broke his back and that he is a crazy son of a bitch. Rick says this wouldn’t have happened if he just would have stopped running.

Though Rick might seem like he’s headed down another dark path again his final words to Lamson say a lot about where Rick is now. “We can’t go back Bob,” the world they live in now only depends on how they survive other people. Rick is a leader and there’s no time for emotions, his is just going to lead his people to a safer area no matter who or what gets in his way, morals or no morals.

Lamson tells Rick he’s going to die out here and everyone he loves. Rick shoots Lamson in the head, which in a way is merciful since he could have left him alive for the walkers to eat and says, “Shut up.” Don’t you think he already knows that Bob number two.

Oh oh at the same time, those are the same words Gareth said to Bob number one in the premiere of season five. What does this say about Rick? Are you worried about him?

Beth’s Sacrifice
Coda means a conclusion of a dance, music or event, and as we know Beth was our little hummingbird of The Walking Dead. The midseason finale left us with heartbreak as Beth’s final attempt for heroism ended with a cruel aftermath. In trying to save Noah, by stabbing Dawn in the chest, Dawn shoots Beth in the head. Those words Beth said to Daryl last season, “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone Daryl Dixon,” came so heavy as Beth falls to the ground. There was so much left for Beth to do on the show, I am so sad to see this character go. Beth was their beacon of hope and embodied innocence, even in a world full of horrors. What will become of our group now that the person who symbolized hope is gone, as well as Washington? I guess we’ll see in the back half of the season.

As I mentioned last week I really thought Carol would be the one we lost this episode since she had so many heroic episodes. But like anything Walking Dead, things just don’t work out the way you want them too. Those tricky writers!

What did you think of Beth’s death? Did you think her story line was done? Did you like Beth as a character? Did you ship Beth and Daryl like I did? HA!

Other Tidbits

  • I thought this episode was great. ‘Coda’ was a little slow building, but I found it entertaining and suspenseful when it needed to be. Though we were expecting a full-out-saloon-gun-fight at the hospital, the emotional impact of losing Beth was just heart wrenching enough. I actually screamed out loud.
  • Now that Beth is gone will all hope go down the drain?
  • Loved some of the lines in this episode from Rick telling Bob number two, that we can’t go back, to Dawn’s, “You don’t need their love, but you have to have their respect.” Well, Dawn they didn’t have your back, how do you like them apples?!
  • Maggie finally shows emotion about Beth’s fate. According to Scott Gimple in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, we will see how Maggie is affected by Beth’s death in the back half episodes of season 5. So, she was saving all the heartache! It’s going to be a rough one.
  • What will Father Gabriel’s role in the group be? We already have someone who is ineffective in killing walkers with Eugene. Will Father Gabriel keep the moral compass, to maintain Daryl and Rick from going too far into the deep end of the pool? I guess we’ll see starting February 8th – ahh such a long wait!
  • Best zombie death so far goes too ‘Suicide Walker’! The female walker that falls on Gabriel’s machete!
  • What about Morgan? It seems that he’s arrived at the church, but how much time has passed? As we know timelines on The Walking Dead are not so clear. I have a feeling he’s not as close behind our Grimes group as would hope. And is he still crazy? The way he laughed in the church, definitely didn’t give me confidence that he’s all there mentally. What’s your theory?

Here’s Inside The Walking Dead Coda Episode 508 if you are interested, and a sneak peek of the next episode out February 8th.

See you guys in February! In the meantime I’ll pick up some other shows and movies to recap. Have anything to recommend, share in the comments below!


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