I’ll Get No Justice Here, Game of Thrones

No Justice in Game of Thrones, “The Laws of Gods and Men”

Every episode of Game of Thrones is riveted with drama, and last Sunday’s episode was no exception. Peter Dinklage’s performance in the last half of, “The Laws of Gods and Men” had the hairs on my arms standing up with goosebumps all over, or as Jennifer Lopez would say, “Goosies”. That felt like an emotional roller coaster with one big problem, we have to wait until next week for the big drop. Who will combat Tyrion or will he name a champion to fight for him?

I'll get no justice here by Confession Girl

There’s only four episodes left this season, and the reoccurring theme of justice versus injustice keeps arising. I’m sure for some of our favorite characters, they’ll be facing the injustice, that is the world of Thrones.

Let’s get right into it! Top three moments of “The Laws of Gods and Men”


Well, do I have to say it? Stannis is a dick! So it was very appropriate that his ship sailed between the legs of a kilted warrior the size of – hmmm let’s see, thousands of feet. I caught Davos taking a peek, it must be impressive since he’s sailed these waters before! Though, thanks to Tywin Lannister all I can think about is how awful Stannis would be as a king. Even as breathtaking as the scenery was, or how moving Davos speech was, Stannis still has that dreary grim face that continues to make him a despicable character. I keep hearing he does some cool stuff, but until then, he’s still my least favorite character.

Finally we get to see Braavos up close and personal, what did you think of the Iron Bank?


Though Petyr Baelish was not in this episode his influence was felt at King’s Landing. Varys played a similar game to Baelish, when shove comes to shove, he’d save his own skin over someone else’s. He says he has no desires, or addictions he only serves the Iron Throne as he pointed out to Prince Oberyn. There’s more to Varys then meets the eye, and I can’t quite seem to put my finger on it. Thrones did make a point to show us that Varys does not forget anything. How will this play out for Tyrion?

Will we find out more about his past? I hope Oberyn digs a little further us!

The Lion and Shae

We knew the trial against Tyrion would be filled with lies spun by Cersei, and it was hinted plenty of times that his own words would come back to bite him in the ass. But, what we weren’t ready for was Shae being the dagger that would rip this whole trial into a disastrous gaping hole of crap. Sure you can say it was already disasters, but we almost had a happy ending – Tyrion setting off for The Wall. At least as happy as Game of Thrones ending could be. Obviously I am wrong, you have permission to slap me for thinking there would be a happy ending. As EW.com puts it:

“This is totally foolish for us to believe because Thrones loves to tease us with the prospect of characters we love meeting up with Jon Snow at The Wall but it NEVER HAPPENS — Ned Stark thought he was going to meet Jon. So did Bran and Arya at various points. Forget it. There is no meeting up with Jon Snow at The Wall!”

These last minutes of Game of Thrones continued to give me goosebumps. Not only was Peter Dinklage’s acting impeccable in this entire sequence but, the minute he turns around you know the person walking down that aisle was going to be Shae. I yelled at the screen and said, “I knew it!” When I re-watched the episode it made me angrier that she would tell the court things she didn’t need too. She was deliberately digging her dagger deeper, and deeper into Tyrion.

The speech that follows Shae’s testimony will be one of the best speeches on Thrones. Tyrion has lost Shae, and knows the trail is a farce! He will no longer be a part of Tywin’s plan, even if it means his death!

Tyrion demands trial by combat, and the last look he gives his father was a smirk. His last f-you before his fate is dealt. (Side Note: During the trial didn’t Tywin remind you of the Braveheart scene, “do you wish to confess”? See the clip below)

Favorite Quotes:

“We must not disappoint father” – Tyrion

“Am I the master of something now” – Prince Oberyn

“I’ll get no justice here” – Tyrion

What did you think of this episode? Will Tyrion fight, or pick a champion? Do you believe Shae was a spy, as I mentioned in a previous post? Or did she just get caught in the cross fire?

I leave you with these two clips:


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