Norina ST. Romanian Fashion Designer

Norina ST. Romanian fashion designer

Norina ST. Romanian Fashion Designer

High school Memories, Fashion and The Love for Arts

This week I want to dedicate my downtownGirl post to one of my talented high school friends Norina Stoica.

After years of wondering what happened to my high school classmates and friends, thanks to Facebook, I, like many out there, am able to keep in touch with long lost friends.

I met Norina in junior high actually. I transferred to an arts major school from my local junior high with the goal of pursuing a career in arts. The Arts High School in Sibiu, Romania was the only school I was interested in, so I had no plan B. Failing to pass the entrance exam and continue my passion for arts was not an option and to guarantee that I was prepared to compete along all the talented students, I transferred and finished eight grade at Liceul De Arta Sibiu in an effort to familiarize myself with the arts program and the school’s requirements.

Norina was in a similar situation I believe. At first, I was very shy, but I remember Norina always being so nice to me. Though I can’t say that we became best friends, I do remember being friends, not just classmates. Norina was always sketching clothes and even way back then, I remember her sketches looking like they came to life and didn’t just simply exist on paper. Looking back now, it all makes sense. Norina loved arts, no doubt about it, but above all, she was in love with fashion.

We both graduated from high school with a degree in fine arts and I moved to US continuing my career in graphic arts while Norina, I later found out, pursued her passion for fashion. Today she is a reputable Romanian fashion designer and has build a career to be envied. Her clothes are amazing. I love her aesthetic and can see myself wearing many of her designs. I like the mix of edgy and romantic shapes in Norina’s collections.

If you happen to be visiting Romania and are looking for unique designs do not hesitate to check out Norina ST.

I am proud of Norina’s accomplishments in fashion and it only seemed fitting to dedicate my #downtownGirl post this week to a talented designer I had the pleasure to know and become a prominent figure in the world of fashion. Maybe now that summer is in full swing, I miss my beautiful Sibiu and wish I could make 2014 the year I go visit, hence my melancholy for my high school life and friends in this week’s downtownGirl post dedication.

In ending, I want to congratulate you Norina, for making your sketches come to life and for telling a story in your collections that not only speaks to me but to so many girls back home and now hopefully to many more here in the US! I look forward to visiting your stores soon and can you please tell me where I can get this amazing outfit, meanwhile?




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