Peachy Canyon Zinfandel Wine Review Paired With BLT Sliders

Peachy Canyon Zin Wine Review Paired With BLT Sliders

Most people look forward to hash tagging a photo for throwback Thursday. But this girl looks forward to Thursday for a new drink to try and share. I’m continuing my path through Paso Robles wineries, and this week I went with Peachy Canyon Zinfandel.

Wine Maker’s Notes
Bright, luscious and fruit-forward, our fan-favorite Incredible Red Zinfandel bursts out of the glass with a rich cherry nose, and develops into red summer fruits on the palate. Balanced acidity and structure and subtle notes of leather finish with spicy oak and mocha in a lingering finish.

Peachy Canyon
2011 Vintage
Central Coast, Paso Robles

My Tasting Notes:
Most of the time I don’t agree with the wine maker’s notes when it comes to their creative descriptions, but this time the Beckett’s nailed it on the nose. There’s a nice cherry aroma that comes out of the bottle when this Zinfandel is poured out. The first sip actually made my mouth water! The juiciness that coats your mouth is wonderful. The sweet taste is subtle, but yet full of flavor. The zin notes linger and turn into a good earthy finish. The earthiness has a nice balanced oak taste, that is not bitter like some other wines I’ve tried.

The Peachy Canyon Zinfandel is just a nice bottle of wine, and the price is just a huge bonus – at $15 or less a bottle. Very smooth and drinkable. I’ve been doing wine reviews for about a year and I have to say, if you are looking to stock up for the holidays this is your bottle.

Absolutely! Great to have in your cellar, cupboard or wine rack. If you ever have a surprise guest, or just hanging out with good friends this is the wine you want to open and share.

#thelittlekitchenrecipes BLT BurgersI follow a recipe blog called The Little Kitchen, run by an adorable sister ‘nerd’ (read her description)  named Julie. She definitely has a great flare for scrumptious recipes. This week she posted a recipe for Salmon BLT Sliders with Avocado Aioli Brie Spread. These were…let’s just say I was glad I ran my 6 miles after work, because I couldn’t stop eating them.

Check out The Little Kitchen Salmon BLT Sliders Recipe here.


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