How I regained the motivation to run the Star Wars Half


It’s been about 14 months since I decided to run in an effort to be more active, and 9 months since my first half marathon. Since the Tinker Bell Half in January I have continued to run, however with inconsistency due to a bad knee injury.

Running long distance even after successfully finishing a race has not been easier for me, but the experience gave me the will to keep going. After all, I did something I never thought I could and finished the half with an amazing time of 2:17:00.

But, like any running rookie I made some fundamental mistakes during training. My left knee needed care and running as aggressively as I have been before the Tink Half was out of the question. So I did just that; ran less and allowed my injured knee to heal.

In the process, my motivation to run was fading and at some point I even began telling myself that maybe running isn’t my thing… I mean who wants to get injured right? Eventually, I started feeling like a quitter, and even though I hated the feeling, mentally I couldn’t find the strength to keep going. I realized that I had to do something about the rut I fell in, and find a way to come out of it.

Signing up with K Lo. to run the Star Wars Half in January of 2015 gave me some excitement, but it wasn’t enough motivation to stick to a consistent running schedule. I needed something more, I just didn’t know what…

Around my birthday in August my hubby came up with an amazing idea to spend a couple days in Hollywood. After an evening of glam and party we would hike/run to the Hollywood sign the next morning. Amongst the carefully selected gifts, he picked out the prefect running outfit for me to wear, as only HE knows how much looking good makes me feel good.

We hiked from the Greek Theater to the Griffith Observatory up to the top and got as close as we could to the famous Hollywood sign. It was the most rewarding hike/run I have ever done. The view was breathtaking. I have never seen Los Angeles that beautiful and spectacular before. We met amazing people during our hike and their stories inspired me to alternate my running with hiking as the reward feels greater. Plus as I found out, hiking increases your endurance and ultimately gives you more strength to run the distance.

I made a decision that day to run to feel good, and not to compete. I forgot that running in a run Disney race is not so much about the competition, but rather having a good time. The Star Wars Half is only 3 months away. I am starting to feel the pressure of training more seriously, but at the same time excited because I will be running in my Darth Vader costume. This year, a good friend of mine, Leanne, will be joining K Lo. and I, in running Disney’s first Star Wars Half Marathon. I am so excited and happy to say that my new approach to running is really working. I hope my confession inspires you to overcome some of your running challenges.

Here’s an amazing short clip, compliments of a fellow hiker on Hiking to Mt. Hollywood.

Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park

Stay tuned for more runGirl run confessions and to find out what K Lo. and Leanne will be wearing to the Star Wars Half race.


2 thoughts on “How I regained the motivation to run the Star Wars Half

  1. Yaaaaaay I”m so excited for this race!! Reading this just got me a bit more motivated!! However I think I am a bit more rookie than you. I will definitely be needing running and gear tips from you and K. Oh and not to mention…a costume idea….
    Thank you for your post/confession, and here’s to our training!! May the odds be ever in our favor! 🙂

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