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 A Guide to Running Happy


After a little over a year of running, there are a few must-haves that made running easier and more enjoyable. Here’s K Lo. and BB’s list to help you successfully train for your next race.

  1.  The right pair of shoes is key. When I first started training for the Tink Half last year, I just walked into a sports store and got running shoes that felt good. While K.Lo started her training wearing some running shoes she already owned. After injuring my knee pretty badly I asked my friends for advice. Both K Lo and I went and got fitted at the local Road Runners/Snail Pace store. I was told that I need shoes that provide a lot of stability and found out I should be getting shoes that are in the neutral category. For the past 6-9 months I have been running in Nike Air Pegasus and Saucony Triumph 11. K Lo. has gone from Reebok RealFlex, to Brooks Ghosts, to finally finding the right running shoe: Asics Gel Kayano. Don’t make the mistake of training without finding out what shoes are right for you, because you might experience injuries that are hard to come out of. Road Runners also made me custom inserts I wear with my running shoes, and I have to say it made a world of a difference. K Lo also introduced me to Thorlo socks and I honestly can’t wear any other socks when I run.
  2. Running a half marathon is no joke and you will get sore legs and feet, guaranteed. Zensah’s amazing compression sleeves are key in helping with the soreness and recovery. Trust us! We have run a few 5-6 mile runs without compression sleeves to test out that theory, and found out very quickly how much of a difference they truly make.
  3.  As a beginning runner as well as a conditioned runner you will experience inflammation at times. A good remedy for inflammation is Epsom Salt and Aspercreme (you can get the odorless kind). Taking care of your body is so important if you want to maintain an injury free training.
  4. KT Tape provides an added protection to your knees and other parts of your legs that might be more prone for injury. Professional athletes use KT Tape religiously and we also believe it helps to prevent injuries.
  5. For times when you feel like you can’t find the strength or energy to keep going refuel with Clif Shot Gels which come in a spectrum of flavors. Our favorites are the Razz & Vanilla flavors. We tried other energy boosters, but found these to be the best!
  6. Looking good while running is a big deal. After trying out different running gear we both fell in love with the Adidas 7” shorts as they are the only shorts that don’t make you feel too constricting. Most running shorts out there are too short and we feel that the perfect length is important. I don’t like running in booty shorts and I don’t want my shorts to feel too loose. As a runner keeping things in their place is essential. Nike also makes some pretty awesome tanks that compliment these perfect shorts and they come in different colors to match your running shoes :). So far we have only signed up for runDisney races and the Sparkle athletic skirt is a must. You can also get these skirts in multiple colors. I will be wearing the black sparkle skirt in my next race. K Lo is still deciding which Star Wars character she will end up dressing up as.

These are the running must-haves that we wouldn’t start any run without.


  • Tuneband arm band – the best iPhone running case
  • Nike Plus running app – the best running app out there
  • Yurbuds earphones – they come in different colors and do not slip
  • Amphipod hand held water bottle – the most practical way to bring hydration with you while running

K Lo:

  • Amphipod elastic belt – the best way to store your necessities while running
  • Nike Plus running app – the best running app out there
  • Garmin watch – helps you with running intervals and maintaining your per mile pace
  • Yurbuds earphones – they come in different colors and do not slip
  • Amphipod hand held water bottle – the most practical way to bring hydration with you while running

We hope this list will help you #runHappy whether you are a beginning or seasoned runner.

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P.S. Thanks to this amazing collage I created on Polyvore you can shop for all these running essentials by clicking on the product shots.

Love BB & K Lo.

2 thoughts on “Running Must-Haves

  1. Great post!! I”m loving that hand held water bottle and the cute Nike attire. I think I may be making a trip to Amazon in the next 10 min. A couple of questions though…which work better, compression sleeves or the KT tape??


    • Compression sleeves! I’ve interviewed a few runners and though KT tape helps it doesn’t give you support as the compression does. I have shin splints that are pretty horrible if I don’t wear the compression sleeves, and BB is going to try the knee sleeves for her knee pain.


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