September Heat Wave Playlist

Heat Wave Playlist by Confession Girl

Summer Ain’t Over Until The Heat Comes Down

The weekend is finally here, back in school is back, and the next holiday to look forward to is Halloween. So, lets get this weekend rockin’ with some cool jams to keep cool-minded.

If you are in Southern California this weekend it’s supposed to be a hot one. So, lets get those butts moving and sing your heart out to Heat Wave.

1. Martha & the Vandellas – Heatwave

What says ‘hot’ more then Dave Matthews Band? That’s right Dave Matthews Band! His music always reminds me of summer. Plus have you seen how much Dave sweats on stage, just saying. Enjoy.

2. Dave Matthews – Stay

Another summer song close to my heart and reminds me of college! “I was eating lunch a the D.L.G,” if you went to UCSB you know exactly what he’s talking about. It was a dinning commons next to the dorms.

2. Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes

Just the opening riff of ‘Summer of 69’ gets you off your feet. There’s lots of great covers out there, but they don’t beat the original. So, get up and reminisce about your favorite summer days.

3. Bryan Adams Summer of 69’

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I grew up in Southern California my whole life, and this song embodies the beauty of beach days with that extra special somebody!

4. The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk

What’s not to love: 80’s hair, New York, and summer hot lyrics. nough’ said!

5. Bananarama – Cruel Summer

What song cools you down on hot days?


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