Shark Week Jumps the Shark, Twice

Shark Week’s Megladon vs Shark of Darkness, why do it again?

Shark Week kicks off with fake-umentary

Shark Week kicks off with fake-umentary

Discovery channel takes another big bite. After last year’s debacle on Megalodon why would the network do it again? Shark week has been a huge success for Discovery Channel for over twenty years, so why do they feel like they need to make up a bunch of stuff?

Shark Week TweetsDo they think we are stupid? My boyfriend and roommate were so angry watching Shark of Darkness, they actually started cursing at the TV. In a behavior that I have not witnessed before, it actually felt more of a documentary happening at my house then what was happening on TV!

For me, it showed Discovery Channel puts more emphasis on ratings then actual science. Social Media was sure to let Discovery know what they thought of their fake-umentary (see image of tweets).

So, after a little research and learning that their first major show was a fake-umentary, we decided to stop watching the nonsense. Maybe night two will bring better programming.

Will you continue to watch the rest of the week? What were your thoughts on the first two aired show of Shark Week?

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