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The Walking Dead "Slabtown" Episode TV Recap

The Walking Dead Episode 4

In a very atypical episode of the Walking Dead, “Slabtown” finally reveals where Beth’s been for the last few days, maybe even weeks. In this episode, which is completely Beth-centric, we meet a whole new group and how they have survived apocalyptic Atlanta. I’m going out on a limb here, and say that we probably all agree, these people are all honked-up. Dawn, the leader of her military-esk entourage, is set up at a hospital convincing the people they save owe her a debt. If not they would be ‘one of them’ [walkers], if they hadn’t intervened! To the looks of things, these debts don’t ever get paid off!

Lets break it down!

Slabtown Cleanliness Cleanliness
There seems to be an underlying theme of cleanliness so far this season, or maybe it’s just me. When we are first introduced to Morgan in the premiere episode, he looked almost flawless in his attire – no dirt, no blood, just clean. Now Beth wakes up in a pristine hospital. We are introduced to two new characters Dawn and Dr. Stevens. Dawn runs the hospital with strict cleanliness rules and pretty much bitch-slaps everyone for not doing so. People are cleaning hallways, doing laundry, and cops are roaming freely to do what they want. What do you think is the meaning behind the ‘cleanliness’?

Iron Hand, Slaves and Assault
I honestly spent most of the first half of “Slabtown” pretty confused, not necessarily in a bad way just thought this episode was very different from anything the Walking Dead has done in the past. Dawn’s system at the hospital basically lets her cops run freely to torment any of the rescued survivors. I’m assuming she allows this to happen in an effort to keep her cops motivated from the delusional idea that someone will save them from the world they find themselves in.

This slave-system might be the main reason they keep having to save people from the outside. Joan’s character gave us a glimpse of this. Not only was Joan enslaved, but she was also being sexually assaulted by Gorman, one of Dawn’s officers. Joan tries to escape but ends up being bit by a walker. Its pretty screwed up that you would rather be bit and die, then live within theoretically ‘safe’ walls of this hospital. Joan tells Dawn that she can’t control them, meaning her cops, but this is the first time we see right through Dawn’s facade. She can’t control them and she knows it. She retaliates anytime she can by slapping the weak, in this case she thinks Beth is that person.

We’ve seen lots of violent acts on The Walking Dead before, but something about this episode gave me the chills. We know that people are more dangerous then the walkers. There’s been rape and murder on this show, but for some reason seeing a cop in clean clothes, untouched by the outside, behaving uncivilized hit me hard. I don’t think there’s hope for Dawn and her abusive ways. She and her cops are truly too far gone.

Beth The Warrior
I think prior to this episode people were wondering what Beth’s role would be if she survives. Mostly we’ve seen Beth the domestic care giving type until Daryl started teaching her survival tips as seen in last season’s “Still” episode. Those haunting words Beth says to Daryl before she is taken, “You are going to miss me so bad when I am gone Daryl Dixon.” Do you think they will reunite?

The writers probably wrote, “Slabtown” in an effort to show that Beth can be a stand alone character. She is strong and has learned a lot from Rick, Daryl and the rest of the group, but my only problem with this episode was that I already knew Beth was strong.

What did you think of the Beth before and after this episode?

Trojan Horse
So, now that The Walking Dead has established that Beth is a grown ass kicker, how is she going to get herself out of Hell Memorial Hospital? After Beth has been betrayed by Dr. Stevens, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She grabs a pair of scissors and heads towards Dr. Stevens and Dawn. We are not sure what her intentions are.

But wait, the doors open at the end of the hall and some of the hospital staff wheels in a new patient – it’s freaking Carol looking unconscious. Episode ends! WHAT!!!! Another great cliff hanger and yet again I say, well played Walking Dead, well played.

Personally, I think Carol is some kind of Trojan Horse devised by both her and Daryl to get Beth out of Hell Memorial. I think when Beth and Noah were outside trying to escape, Daryl and Carol were staking the Hospital and saw them. We know that Noah made it out. Hopefully, Daryl and Carol got to Noah before any walker, to question him on what’s happening inside Hell Memorial. Carol probably set herself to get caught while Daryl takes Noah back to Rick for reinforcements. Oh! I so hope that is what is happening!

What’s your theory? Did Carol really get hurt?

the-art-of-eating-through-the-zombie-apocalypse.jpgOther Thoughts:

• The crosses were not depicting a religious cult, but instead were paramedic crosses. Oh TWD you are so tricky!

• Was that a ‘Fuck You’ written in blood next to Joan’s body after she committed suicide? The ‘F’ looks like it was soaked in blood for AMC to get away with it from the censorships!

• Very disturbing to know that Dawn is motivating her cops with young beautiful girls.

• There’s a new cookbook, “The Art of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse” which is appropriate since last week we lost our cannibals. Let me know if you would buy this? I think this is a great gift personally.



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