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Sparkling Wines to try in 2015: Michelle & Prosecco Reviews

Sometimes a little carbonation is just what the day calls for, and no more so then ringing in the New Year with friends. So, the last few weeks I found two really fun sparkling white wines for each palate range – those who like their bubbles with a touch of sweet, or those who like it a tad drier.

Sparkling Wine: Michelle Brut 
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Origin: Columbia Valley, Washington
Alcohol: 11.5%
Blend: 63% Chardonnay, 19% Pinot Noir, 18% Pinot Gris
Price: $12


First up Michelle Brut, this fun sparkling wine falls just a tad on the sweeter side, however their’s great dry notes. Michelle has great carbonation, enhanced with flavors of apples and peaches that finish with a wonderful unique toasty touch. For someone like me that tends to go on the drier side, I hardly noticed the sweetness. I enjoyed the fruitful flavors that linger in your mouth with each sip.

Yes, this is a great party and crowd pleaser! If you have guests with sweeter palates just add a dash of pomegranate or mango puree to kick it up a notch. But for those that like it drier or just ‘naked’ this will do the trick as is.

Prosecco For Those Who Enjoy Very Dry

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing bottles of Prosecco everywhere I turn. From grocery stores to my favorite eateries, Prosecco is making its mark. The only problem I didn’t know what it was. Well, last night I had my first Prosecco. This white sparkling wine makes your mouth pucker with dryness that is simply characterized as fun, crisp and bubbly! I wasn’t sure if we could get the same Prosecco I tried at the restaurant with some friends, so today I went to my grocery store and picked up a bottle.

Sparkling Wine: Ruffino
Vintage: Non-Vintage
Origin: Tuscany, Italy
Alcohol: 11.0%
Price: $14


Like a novice I picked up the first bottle of Prosecco I saw on the shelf, at least it was recommended by the cute lady standing next to me. Chilled and ready for pouring, my glass was instantly filled with foaming bubbles. Bottoms up! Immediately the dryness of the sparkling wine hits you with a nice mouthfeel of carbonation. At first, I couldn’t pick up some of the fruitiness, but you definitely have a slight citrus lingering taste. The Ruffino is definitely powered by it’s dryness and crisp finish.

I would recommend a Prosecco on a fun night with girlfriends themed around a tasting event. I probably wouldn’t want to serve this at a party, only because it’s a palate limiting wine. I couldn’t imagine adding a liquor or juice to enhance the sweetness like a mimosa.

Keep in mind, I enjoyed the Prosecco from Pizzeria Ortica called Bisol “Desiderio Jeio,” more then the Ruffino reviewed here. The Bisol was not available at a Total Wine or Bevmo from what I could see.

Bottom line, sparkling wine is a great way to change things up for any gathering. Don’t be afraid to try a Prosecco though I probably would stay away from the Ruffino unless you like extremely dry bubbles.

Let me know if you have tried a Prosecco and if you have a favorite one?

Happy New Year,

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