Spooky Black O’Lantern Beer Review

Spooky Black O’Lantern Beer Review

Pumpkin Stout Paired With Charcuterie Plate

We are getting pretty close to Halloween and its definitely time to enjoy some pumpkin ales. For this thirsty Thursday I picked up a variety six pack and decided on a Wasatch Black O’Lantern Pumpkin Stout to review.

Brewer’s Notes:
Alone in his laboratory one stormy night, a madman crossed an imperial stout with pumpkin to create this fine frankenbrew. How good is it? Well, scary good.

Name: Black O’Lantern
Brew: Imperial Stout
6.5% Alcohol by volume
Location: Utah


My Tasting Notes:
There’s a lot of potential to this pumpkin stout, however it lacks some depth. The Black O’Lantern pours a dark espresso color with very subtle head that recedes very quickly, not foamy like other stouts I have had the privilege of tasting. On the nose there’s a very subtle pumpkin smell, I mostly got a strong chocolate espresso aroma.

The brewer calls this a frankenbrew, which I have to agree, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out very positive. From the label you would think you would get a wicked tasting stout, however there’s a smooth, slightly sweet and minimal spice taste that just leaves a bland mouth feel. There’s a light carbonation throughout with a hint of roasted coffee that if developed, this beer could have been a hit. Unfortunately, the Black O’Lantern did not hit the mark.

I highly recommend trying one of these stouts instead: Pizza Port Z Man Stout, Sam Adams Oyster Stout (unfortunately you can only taste this is at the brewery), and for the best stout I have ever had, the AleSmith Vietnamese Speedway Stout!

Food Pairing:
Charcuterie Plate Recipe paired with Wasatch Stout
I wanted to pair the Black O’Lantern with a meat and cheese platter that would bring out the pumpkin spices. I typically add some of my favorite meats like salami, honey ham, chicken apple sausage and prosciutto, and for cheeses I serve brie, smoked gouda, and a honey infused goat cheese. Don’t forget to add some figs, grapes and a french baguette or water crackers.

Here’s a video on how to create your perfect Charcuterie plate from Better Homes and Gardens.


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