Star Wars Half Marathon In Review

Star Wars Half Marathon In Review

Our Star Wars Half Marathon finished just a little over two weeks ago, and BB and I are already signed up for our next race day. I can’t explain exactly the empty feeling that came over us after having completed the Star Wars race, but the whole next day we spent searching for another race to sign up for! It must have something to do with all the hard work one puts into training for months that it becomes routine and sticks with you, or at least it did with us. So, now that we are done what did we learn? Our second runDisney race was just as thrilling as the first with a couple minor laughable hiccups.

KandB_starwarsStar Wars Race Review

All the runDisney races are fun and exciting – you run through the park and even have the opportunity to stop and take pictures with many of the Disney characters. Be advised that the lines for pictures are just as long as if you are getting on a ride, yikes! We always feel a little guilty for paying such a pricy race entry ($200+), and coming away with only a few photobombs, because we don’t want to loose too many precious race minutes – damn competitive nature.

The runDisney races are a great way to enjoy running, but they are definitely difficult to do your best without a little bit of guilt at the end. What makes these races so fun is the people waking up at 4:00 am to cheer you on at every corner, running through the park and the other runners are there to have a good time. For the Star Wars Half there were so many cult fans dressed in costumes anywhere from homemade all the way to authentic gear. It was a running nerd-fest, and it was completely awesome!

You should also know that the wake up time is crazy, for me it was 3:30 am, but your adrenaline kicks in pretty fast and you forget the time. Bathrooms weren’t as easy to get to as the Tinker Bell Half. If you have to pee, try to go inside the park, it gets harder on the street with the porta potties.

[Side Note: People, lock your porta potty doors, I can’t tell you how many stalls I opened before I got to an empty one – no one locked their doors. I would say that was embarrassing!]

So, what did we learn running the Tinker Bell and Star Wars Half? You can’t take yourself, or your time too serious. Know that you will run with a smile on your face, it’s hard not too when all the Disney employees, family and friends are rooting for you! The cheering sections makes each mile seem like your traveling at light speed! And hey, you just might sign up for another! For BB and I, Santa Rosa and Avengers Half’s, here we come…


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  1. That 3:30am wake up time is a killer! But you are right..your adrenalin kicks in and it just turns into excitement! Two Disney races under your belt! You guys are rock stars!

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