#StarWarsHalf Got Me Motivated

runDisney Star Wars Half Countdown

runDisney Star Wars Half Countdown

Last week K Lo. and I signed up for our second Disney half marathon: The Star Wars event, which will take place January 2015.

Since our first half marathon, The Disney Tinker Bell half, we’ve been asking ourselves what’s next?  What run do we sign up for, because we can’t just train the way we have been and simply stop.

For me signing up to run the Tinker Bell half was born out of a desire to challenge myself and accomplish something I never thought I could. I’ve never been interested in sports and I didn’t just suddenly become interested. So why run a half marathon?

Well, I decided to take on, an out of the ordinary challenge and see if I can do it. To see if I can run for 13.1 miles and feel good about it and because I want to take care of my body so that the clothes I invest in (which are part of who I am) will continue to look good on me.

Maybe I am vain in putting beauty at the top of my list, however we do live in a society where beauty is glorified and everyone is constantly seeking out the best beauty product, the most effective workout, etc. Yes, I do believe that everyone that works out routinely does it because they know there’s no other way to be fit, healthy and most importably look good.

So since we have to workout, how come almost everyone finds it so difficult to stay/be motivated? Motivation has and will continue to be my biggest enemy in getting out there to run two or three times a week. After the Tinker Bell half I took a break from running due to a bad knee injury, but mostly because I lost the motivation I had when I trained to run my first half marathon.

As a matter of fact we signed up to run the Hot Chocolate Run less then two months after our first half and I didn’t run, when K Lo. couldn’t due to a bad foot injury that required her to wear a cast for three weeks. I went from running 70 miles a month to less then 10 miles. Many times, K Lo. tried to motivate me, but somehow nothing stuck and I found myself feeling guilty for not running, until we both singed up for Disney’s Star Wars Half. I found out that I needed something exciting to look forward to and other runs just weren’t cutting it.

We had so much fun running the Tinker Bell half, because as many have said, Disney does put out the most magical runs, and nothing else would give me the motivation I needed to keep going and not let all the progress I’ve made training go to waste.

We are both so excited to run in a themed Disney run again. We’re deciding what character we want to be while running the #StarWarsHalf and laughing about things like K Lo. wanting to get a little Chewbaca toy to use as a bell when alerting other runners we’re trying to inch our way through (running inside Disneyland gets extremely crowded).

The experience so far is not only giving me the motivation to continue running, but it makes me excited to wear my Darth Vader costume and finish watching Star Wars (yes, you can be outraged that I haven’t watched them all yet). So yes a themed Disney run, the desire to look good in my designer clothes and be fit at all cost is working for me.

Vogue’s brilliant article on 7 Women Share What Motivates Their Workout has given me more reasons to stay motivated and I am actually considering mixing my workouts. I have been wanting to take pilates classes and I am yet again determined to be ready to run another half marathon.

If you’d like to share your tips on staying motivated to look good please leave us a comment.

We will be posting part 2 on ‘What Motivates Your Workout’ as we receive your comments.



One thought on “#StarWarsHalf Got Me Motivated

  1. Great post B! Thank you so much for telling me about this run and reminding me to sign up!! I’m super excited to join you guys! Is it sad that I have never even seen Star Wars? I can hardly tell you who the characters are…. :-/ I’ll have mike fill me in.
    I need to keep reading your running posts. So far this one has motivated me 🙂 when this school year is over I’ll be ready to join you for some training!

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