Stay With Me, The Walking Dead Is Back


Here’s our favorite moments of TWD’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” episode 509.

‘Stay With Me’ might have won most of the Grammy’s Sunday night, but those words meant quite a bit on The Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On.” Let’s dissect!

Was it Fate or Misfortune

The Walking Dead’s “What Happened and What’s Going On,” starts with a montage of flashbacks that were distorted almost like incoherent thoughts, which of course made sense at the end of the episode. It wasn’t Beth’s funeral we were watching, but Tyreese’s. Those hazy visions were all his fever visions.

Tyreese and Noah’s conversation set the mood for this episode. Noah wanted Tyreese to know he was right in suggesting the trade versus going in guns blazing as Rick wanted. It wasn’t his fault Beth died, “Went the way it had to. Way it was always going to,” Tyreese words hang there as if he was trying to convince himself of it.

Once Tyreese was bitten, his first vision is of Martin. Are we to believe Tyreese felt responsible for Bob’s death and the group splitting up at the church? That maybe, Bob would still be alive. In Tyreese’s visions you see his conflict. He believes people like him and can survive in this world. Though it was his own humanity and struggle that did him in. His guard was down looking at pictures of what once meant a normal life. It only takes one-second to, “Pay the high cost of living.”

Bob repeats Tyreese’s lines, “Went the way it had to. Way it was always going to,” two more times in the episode. Do you believe Tyreese’s death was fate or misfortune?

Rick and Glenn

We lost another character that held the moral compass in our Grimes group. While Tyreese is struggling with his visions, Rick and Glenn discuss their actions at the hospital. Rick confesses he knew Dawn shot Beth by mistake, but it didn’t stop him from killing her. Glenn agrees that he would have done the same thing. Michonne bothered by the conversation says, “You can be out there for too long.” You can see the fear of what the Rick and Glenn words mean with Michonne’s reaction. Is it up to Michonne to keep the group from going too far? What does that mean about her character now?

Their’s this constant reminder of all the bad people in The Walking Dead world, especially now that we have chopped body parts stored in a truck! Will this be the next group our Grimes crew will encounter? Does Michonne fear that Rick and Glenn are tittering the fine line of becoming savages? So many questions!

Overall, I thought this was an emotional and powerful episode. As much as I didn’t love Tyreese’s character it was a brutal roller-coaster whether he would survive or die. I found the cinematography to be impeccable and made you feel Tyreese’s struggle. Watching it twice made me appreciate the episode even more. What about you?

Just a simple question, is Noah bad luck for our Grimes group?

Other Tidbits

  • I know some of you did not like the way Tyreese died, but I thought it was done true to the character. He died because of his humanity, that he so strongly wanted to keep in this world, proved to be his downfall in the end. Poetic.
  • It was Andrew Lincoln who did the radio voice Tyreese was hearing in the kids bedroom.
  • Did Glenn breaking the CD after looking at his reflection have a significant meaning?
  • It was nice to see Beth, Lizzie, Micah and Bob again.
  • Top heartbreaking scenes of TWD include the end of this episode, when Tyreese passes and everyone gets out of the car. The shot is from far away, yet you can feel the pain of the group. Beautiful directing from Greg Nicotero!

I leave you with a sneak peek into next week’s The Walking Dead episode:


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