Stranger Danger! The Walking Dead 502 Shocking Moments

the walking dead season 5 episode 2 recap

Dissecting The Walking Dead “Strangers” Episode. No Comic Book Spoilers

Episode two of the Walking Dead continues the plot of uncertainty. Though we have our Grimes group together with a few new additions, Rosita, Abraham, Eugene, Tara and Bob, it definitely feels like our television family is back again. “Strangers” is written by creator Robert Kirkman, known for his shocking moments in past episodes, he definitely didn’t disappoint especially the last couple of minutes of this episode. Here’s our countdown of this weeks best.

After an explosive season premiere our newly gathered Grimes group is in dire need of some rest and conversation. “Strangers” takes an early opportunity to address how our group will stand together after last seasons banishment of Carol and Tara’s involvement with the Governor’s attack on the prison.

Tyreese wants the group to forgive Carol, since he’s already done so, and Rick half-heartedly apologizes for her banishment by asking her permission to join her group of badassery! Carol seems to feel like she’s part of the group again though she can’t tell Daryl exactly what happened to the two little girls. Do you think Carol should have told Daryl? Are you shipping Daryl and Carol?

Later, Tara confesses to Maggie that she was part of the Governor’s murdering entourage and that she didn’t want that kept from her. Maggie, being in a church and all, decides that bygones be bygones and hugs it out with Tara. Though not the most shocking moment of TWD, I felt they closed out the looming troubles from season four. We are just glad everyone is one happy unit again.

Creepy Father Gabriel
Our Grimes group seems to be enjoying each other’s company when they hear a man calling for help. Carl begs Rick to help the man in distress. When they arrive, they see a man on top of a rock surrounded by Walkers. A new character is introduced – Father Gabriel. He is suspiciously scavenging without any weaponry and seems to have pretty shifty eyes, which gives us a little clue – this guy is probably no good. The group seems pretty weary of him and Rick asks, “How many Walkers has he killed?” “None,” Gabriel says. “How many people have you killed?” Gabriel responds, “None.”

Gabriel is later taken on a supply run with Rick, Michonne, Bob and Sasha. Here we get another clue on what is happening with Gabriel when he freaks out by seeing a bespectacled woman zombie. Do you think it was his wife? Did he abandon her at the food bank?

Our third clue comes after the food run, when Carl shows Rick knife marks on the church’s shutters as if someone was trying to break in at one point. Carl gives Rick a disclaimer for his next finding by saying it doesn’t mean Gabriel is a bad person but there is, “YOU’LL BURN FOR THIS” carved into the exterior wall of the church.

Do you think Gabriel was just a coward and didn’t help any of his flock when they needed him the most? What’s your theory on Father Gabriel? No comic book spoilers please!

The Daryl and Carol 
After all the apologies and forgiveness was said and done, Carol still decides to leave the group incognito. She suspiciously looks at the door when Abraham is giving his speech. Do you think she is thinking why is no one is standing guard? Does she not feel part of the group because they seem to continue making the same mistakes? It doesn’t matter because she finds her way to the abandoned car she and Daryl found earlier in the episode. Daryl catches her and asks her why, she responds, “I don’t know”.

We don’t get much of an opportunity to dwell on her answer when the same car that took Beth last season rushes down the road passing them. Before we know it, Daryl is telling Carol to get in the car. Hopefully the car leads them to Beth, but this is The Walking Dead we are talking about! Could Father Gabriel be a part of this plot?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Tyreese #tvrecaps #twdNOOOOOO Tyreese
Holy crap Tyreese didn’t kill the Detroit-gum-smacking creepo. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It was already disturbing enough that this guy almost wanted to kill Judith, but he’s just sitting there enjoying his “meal” like some kind of deserving human. Why Tyreese, oh why did you let him live.

I think he knew he didn’t kill him, even though on the Talking Dead Chad Coleman addressed it by saying it was a surprise to see Martin still alive. But, why didn’t he let Carol check the shack? Seems suspect to me! You know this will come back to haunt Tyreese, but just how is the question.

Bob-BQ With The Termines
Well, the Termines are not gone and they have now evolved into ‘hunters’. Like cannibals weren’t scary enough, now our Grimes group has to watch out that they don’t get whacked on the head in the middle of the night, and wake up to a missing LEG! Oh, wait that did happened to Bob.

Yes, Gareth and his flesh eating crew are ready to hunt down each and every one of our Grimes group for payback. Is Bob doomed?

Well, I’m not barbecuing anytime soon people.

Best Lines:
“If a sewer could puke, this is what it’d smell like.” – Bob
“We get Eugene to Washington, and he will make the dead die, and the living will have this world again.” – Abraham
“Infrastructure constructed to withstand pandemics even of this FUBAR magnitude,” – Eugene
“If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would.” – Gareth

Something a little funny to get you through the week by Bad Lip Reading. The Lizzie and Bob scene is hysterical. Also, I included Inside The Episode 502 listed by AMC.

See you next week.


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