Summer Style – Swimsuit Edition

Summer is quickly approaching and I am finding myself completely unprepared to face the sun in style. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be quiet a challenge. Fit, coverage, the perfect color or print to compliment your complexion before and during the sun tanning are all imperative when looking for the right swimsuit.

For over a month, I have been obsessing in my pursuit to find the right swimsuit style for my body type and the right ‘color’. As you all know ‘color‘ is not necessarily my thing when it comes to what I wear, so you can imagine how much more difficult this undertaking has been thus far.

With help from Elle & In Style magazine as well as I am closer then ever to picking my 2014 swimsuit and enjoying the beautiful, sunny summer days in So Cal.

Here are my top 3 choices. Help me pick the winner!

swimsuit styles 2014

swimsuit styles 2014


Here’s everything you need to help you in your own pursuit to enjoy the sun in style this summer.

  1. Do you know your body type? Here are some helpful tips according to
  2. I love Orchid Boutique for finding the right swimsuit. They make it extremely easy to figure out your body type, plus their selection of swimsuits is incredible and easy to filter by color, shape, price etc.
  3. Also, check out the Suit Yourself section of this month’s In Style magazine. In this section In Style talks about 2014 Swimsuit trends, and how to choose the correct swimsuit style for all body types.


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